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Heguru Education in Singapore - 2nd Review

It's been almost 8 months since my previous update on Zoe's development while attending Heguru at One KM mall, (read here for 1st review), and I have received a few queries about the classes and thought I would share this to help parents understand a little bit more about what Zoe does in her 60 min class.

But before I begin, I must first also add a disclaimer! And that is with great sadness, we recently just withdrew Zoe from the program because of her school commencement in January. And trust me, I still sometimes bugged my husband about putting Zoe back in her weekly Heguru classes because I really felt that her developmental skills were greatly accelerated due to these classes over the year. But well, for now we are stopping as we felt that it's a bit too much for Zoe especially with the transition to school, and we didn't want to wear her out at such a young age. So probably in future we might put her back in, and we are also most likely going to sign my second baby for it as well!

A little background before I start: Zoe has attended classes there every single week since she was 8 months and we have just completed a year of it last December! As you can see, I am so thankful that we have decided to do that as both Zoe and us really benefited from the program and seeing the fruits out of the weekly classes were extremely rewarding.

I will be sharing in this entry some of the class' activities that I find them really helpful in Zoe's development!

There are many many activities that Zoe does in class in that 60 minutes and some are just one time activity and there are some that are consistently always there every week. And the Link Memory is one of those activity. And I LOVE IT.


The link memory is basically an activity that trains the memory of these young ones. Over the course of a year, Zoe has understood the concept of this activity and would try her best to arrange the cards in the correct sequence and then  match it with her teacher! She don't get them right all the time, but when she does, its like whoppee for us! And the reason why I love this activity is because its such a creative way to train the kids in memorizing not just one thing but a few at the same time in a particular sequence! And this has really helped Zoe in this area when she shocked us all at 18 months old reciting 1-10 in English, Chinese and Hokkien! And the following month she could recite A-Z as well! We are pleasantly surprised by not just the linguistic development, but also the fact that she can memorize so many things in the correct sequence!


 Piecing back the biscuit while teaching them about fractions

I love the math and number exposure in all the classes. Initially I thought it was rather amusing to see teacher Jill rumbling through multiplications, additions, subtractions, fractions to a barely year old baby. And with the speed of how all the activities are being conducted, I honestly wasn't sure if Zoe was catching any of these exposure to math and numbers. But then at 16 months, when we decided to test Zoe if she could recognize the different numbers from 1-10, and she got them all right! We drew on the board different digits, and she could tell us what they were! *insert a shocked face*. Right then, I knew these exposure to numbers in her weekly classes had really did her good, if not veryyyyyy good.


 Choosing which card has 85 dots vs 86 dots. (I can't even tell, hahaha)

 Testing her memory: Choosing the correct panda picture she just saw a few seconds ago!

I never thought that learning to choose is quite a skill that we must teach because it seem to be something really very natural! Over the course of 1 year, there are always activities that Zoe has to point and choose be it an object or a card, and she never seem to be able to understand the concept of it and would want to choose everything. But shortly after her first birthday, I noticed that she started to finally understand it and since then it has really helped her tremendously in her development in the class. She could understand the instructions of the activity very well and even if her attempt was wrong, it was really rewarding to see her make the effort to choose one of all the other choices! And with her grasping the skill of choosing, it was also easy for me back home when I teach her simple things like choosing the correct shapes or colors of objects!


Flash cards remain to be one of the key activity in each classes since day 1. At 8 months old, we go through probably 2 rounds of it with different activities in between, but currently we go through 3 or 4 rounds in each class. I would admit that since Zoe has started learning how to walk, its becoming increasingly harder to get her to sit still when Teacher Jill flashes those cards. I later found out from her that flash cards make the kids tired because they trigger the brain to work faster and hence its rather normal for kids to lose focus after some time.


 Zoe gets to trace 2 alphabets with her finger weekly to help her slowly learn how to write them!

 Inserting the correct shapes into the sponges

 Placing the correct wooden blocks onto the different shapes

Learning about the colors of rainbow while piecing them one by one!

Another of my favorite thing about attending Heguru is that most of the activities are all hands on! This really makes it very interesting for Zoe and also provide a chance for me to bond with Zoe by assisting her in these activities. They are all really simple activities but not simple enough for me to replicate at home because of time constraint (especially if you are a FTWM!). And I really take my hats off the teachers because some activities require so much effort to put together and we only used them for 2-3 mins!


And how can I not mention that in each lesson there are lots of songs and dances! Its extremely entertaining and fun to watch the kids groove and dance to the songs! Zoe loves music and whenever a song comes in, she stands up and dances to it and I love watching her do that! Having songs and dances really balances out the lesson that has a portion of high speed teaching and gives the whole 60 minutes a fun and light tone to it!

Watching Zoe progress in Heguru for the past 1 year had been extremely fulfilling for me. It really took awhile to see the results from the classes and there were times I really wondered if she absorbed anything at all with all the high speed teaching, and not forgetting it's quite tiring to bring her there and back on my own. But when I started seeing her showing improvements, responding to the instructions correctly, having super good memory and really enjoying the classes, I always leave the place feeling that we had a very fruitful one hour and that makes the journey there so so worth it (even when I was battling with morning sickness!).

I think besides all the developmental skills that Zoe had gained, one of the things that both my husband and my family can also agree is that the classes have made her extremely accepting to classroom setting, sociable and also confident for her age. Not only does she look forward to class every week, (she excitedly points to the center every week when exit the lift, and can't wait to rush in!), I too look forward to bringing her there and attending it with her!

Zoe and her favorite teacher Jill and teacher Vivien!

If you want to find out more about Heguru Education, they have Parents Information Session every now and then, or you can call their hotline for more information!

Plus! They have also just opened their new center at Waterway Point (Punggol), which I have read is one of the hippest place now in North East! If you stay around that area, you might also want to pop by for more information about their classes!

Waterway Point Mall, West Wing, 83 Punggol Central #02-07

Do drop me an email or leave a comment if you have any questions! Will be glad to answer them to my best ability! :)

Disclaimer: We are sponsored by Heguru Education Center for Zoe's lessons and receive no other monetary compensation. All opinions are 100% mine.

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