Friday, September 18, 2015

Happy 4th Wedding Anniversary!

14 September 2015

Sorry that I went MIA for 2 weeks, we have been having a lot going on at home and I was really under the weather the past week. We are jetting off tomorrow for a holiday with my in-laws and I thought I should update this space before this entry becomes a backlog with my holiday updates!

We celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary 3 days in advance with a simple day out running some errands and a good lunch at Jamie Oliver. We had long wanted to try the food there when it first opened but was put off by the long queue. So, after 2 years we went back without the long waiting time and had a great lunch experience! The service was excellent, they came around constantly (but not too much) to check on us and Zoe, making sure we are comfortable and that we were enjoying ourselves. We ordered the beef burger topped off with their funky fries and their signature prawn linguine. Both were so on point!! The portion was just right and the whole lunch was so satisfying!

So putting the celebration aside, I still find it a little unbelievable that I have already been married for 4 years. It still feels like yesterday we were just exchanging our vows and toasting to everyone at our wedding banquet. I can't imagine life without my husband, he's been such a strong pillar of my life and has walked me through all my big and small struggles with his love and endless support. I am also very thankful that our marriage is anchored in Christ and though we are imperfect, we still try to love one another like how Christ has loved us. So, thank you dear, for loving me stubbornly and deeply, my heart is yours to keep <3

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