Wednesday, September 2, 2015

17 Months Old

17 months old and this girl here has grown leaps and bounds in so many ways just this month alone! For a start, her sleep regression has finally ended after a painful 3 weeks (almost 4!). My 12 hours sleep through baby is back, and I am so thankful for it. No more waking up at 230am to 430am and dragging myself to her room to sit there in the dark while waiting for her to doze off. Zoe's personality has also grown quite a bit this month, we are starting to see her express her emotions very clearly. She has always been a very happy girl and when she is happy she really shows it by giving that big grin that shows all teeth. Then this month, we noticed that when she is angry with us or grouchy, she would go to the nearest corner of where she is at to plank on the floor to hide her face quietly. No protesting or loud crying or any noise but just covering her face and refusing to let us see her face. Its quite amusing to watch her get angry, provided she doesn't do that in public!

Last month, I mentioned that I have to step up to introduce more new food to Zoe and I am glad to "report" that this month I have made quite an effort to do so! Besides introducing new items on her menu, I have also started incorporating Zoe into our family meals and that makes it so much more fun to plan the weekly menu for everyone!

Noodles soup using homemade pork broth for everyone. I have also tried this with bee hoon, and added different ingredients like carrots, potatoes and beaten the egg into the soup rather than a separate hard boiled egg. Love how there are so many different varieties of a soup based item that I can play around with.

Cottage Pie! After cooking the beef with the various ingredients, I separated the beef out for Zoe before seasoning it with salt and pepper for ourselves. I love this dish because it's quite simple to make and has all the proteins, iron and carbohydrates in one single dish. Check out the recipe here. (I substituted the can of chopped tomatoes for real blended ones and also added pumpkin on top of the cauliflower florets and white potatoes.)

Homemade tomato paste pasta. I think I have cooked this at least once a week for Zoe and myself. It's basically a one pot pasta recipe that saves me a lot of trouble of washing up multiple pots. Here's a brief summary of how I cook this - Stir fry the chopped garlic, chopped onions, mixed vegetables (optional) and choice of meat (I have tried chicken, prawns, minced beef or pork),. After which, I add in blended real tomatoes, fresh herbs (optional), and followed by homemade stock. Bring everything to boil and then add the pasta in making sure they are fully submerged. Cover and lower the heat till pasta is cooked. It's a winner dish for us and we have stopped buying bottled pasta sauce for ourselves after discovering that using real tomatoes and homemade stock creates an equally tasty plate of pasta.

This month, Zoe has also started on eating rice and this is how a typical weekday dinner looks like for us at home. There will be a plate of vegetables, a meat and a plate of eggs or sometimes a simple tofu dish. I used to try to cook a pot of soup once a week, but Zoe doesn't really appreciate soups hence I only cook them on a fortnight basis now. And as usual, just before I add the salt in for all these dishes, I would scoop up a portion for Zoe. There are also days where I cook dishes that are not suitable for her to eat with us like asam curry or ba kut teh, then that's where the noodles soup or porridge will come in for her.

 So, now that I have to consider Zoe into our meals, planning the weekly menu for us has become really different. We cook at home 3-4days a week, 2 other days at my in-laws and the only time we eat out are on the weekends. Hence every week, I spend quite a bit of my time googling recipes (my frequent sites are Noob Cook and The Domestic Goddess Wannabe), writing down the grocery lists, and pairing which dish will complement each other. Sounds like a lot of work, but I really do enjoy feeding my family well. If you have good cooking websites to recommend, do drop me a comment!


Last month, she was able to differentiate colors, and this month she was able to differentiate shapes! We placed all the shapes in front of her and asked her to pick the star, square, circle, triangle and heart! And she got all of them right, wheee!

We started training Zoe to keep her own toys a few months back and what she did was she would help to pick the toys up from the floor and keep them into the storage containers. But this month, I witnessed something extremely sweet. We were keeping the toys and transporting them from the living room to her bedroom and I had to stop halfway somehow. After a few minutes, I lifted my head up from what I was doing and saw this little girl taking her own initiative to continue transporting the remaining toys back to her room on her own! At that moment, my heart completely melted. I quietly observed her and saw her muster all her strength to carry those slightly bulky items and pick up all the other small tiny toys one by one all the way to her bedroom. Every single toy was kept that night and I was so proud of this babe!

This month, we brought this girl for a lot more swimming sessions that we usually did in the past few months. She would usually need us to support her in the water and hold her hands while she walks around, but this month she started to walk in the waters on her own! With those arm float, she would walk on her own for a distance and even attempt to run in it! We are glad she isn't afraid of the waters and enjoys it very much! 

We received this toddler ride on car on Zoe's first birthday but she never really sat on it and would just push it around instead. We tried to teach her how to ride it for the past couple of months but she wouldn't be interested in it. But this month, this girl here went to sit on it on her own and ride on it around the house! She has learned to push her legs forward and navigate around! I can foresee a lot of fast zooming around soon!

This month, Zoe went through what experts will call a "language explosion". Last month I document that she could speak up till 25 word and has started on 2 syllabus words, but this month she shock us further by stringing 2 words together!

Zoe started recognizing and being able to say her friend's names!
Meet Benjy, whom she affectionately calls him "Ben Ben"!

New List of Words for this month:
26. Popo (Grandmother in Mandarin)
27.  Yiyi (Auntie in Mandarin)
27. Book
28. Milk Milk
29. Pink
30. Purple
31. Apple
32. Robot
33. Lion
34. No More (2 Words!)
35. Duck
37. Jiu Jiu (Uncle in Mandarin)
38. Gongong (Grandfather in Mandarin)
39. Nana - (Banana)
40. Off
41. On
42. Rabbit
43. Elly (Elephant)
45. Pee Pee
46. Poo Poo
47. Walk Walk
48. Dog
49. Clock
50. Kitty
51. Ben Ben
52. Jo Jo
53. Zooo-e (still working on this but getting there!!)
54. Jude
55. Uncle
56. Bao (Bun, Bread in Mandarin)
57. Boo
58. Shoes
59. Wet Wet
60. Dirty

Besides all these new words above, we noticed that she is very keen to repeat a word after we have said it. We have tried to recite A-Z, and she would patiently repeat each alphabet after us! Never mind that they don't really sound very much like A-Z, but 100 marks for effort please!

"KITTY!!!" I am not sure if this is classified as a cute thing but Zoe has started acknowledging the presence of a Hello Kitty" every time she sees it. We didn't teach her who is Hello Kitty so it surprises everyone when on one occasion she shouted "kitty" when she saw one in a mall. Just last weekend alone, we were at Macdonald's and she saw a girl seated two tables across us wearing a Hello Kitty paper crown and shouted "kitty!" repeatedly. It took us awhile to find where was that Hello Kitty that she was shouting at, and thereafter got her one too. Just look at that big grin of hers posing with the crown.

And this happened on one of the nights where my husband saw Zoe moving these two stools to this position to read her books. We have never showed her this before so it really came as a surprise for us at how creative she is! And this also probably depicts her passion for reading at this age.... the amount of books she devour everyday is as if she is all set to be tested for every book and magazine at home. One thing we also noticed this month is she has also improved her pincer skills! She used to be flipping a few pages at one time but this month she could flip one page by one page on her own. Keep up on your appetite for reading Zoe, mummy has high hopes on a scholar at home! hahaha.

"AMEN!" This is one very cute thing about Zoe this month! When we asked her to pray for us, she would lay hands on our head and follow by a loud "AMEN!" It never fails to crack me up and make me smile whenever she does that. SO ADORABLE that I need to video this down soon!

I have a few more cute things about this babe this month but I think I should stop here before this entry gets wayyyyy too long to read. Last cute thing about Zoe is that she would tickle us and herself in this old fashioned way. I am not sure if you guys know this, but when I grew up we often say this "orhhhh ki ki ki ki" as we tickle each other. So, Zoe would put her little finger in her mouth as she says "Orhhhhh" and then take it out to tickle us at our neck as she says "kikiki". And cutest part of this is after she tickles everyone, she would end off by tickling herself! Ah, cuteness overload!

So... that's it for this month's milestone updates! Let me know if you think I can improve on how to document her developments for easier reading! Till the next entry, have a lovely week guys!


  1. Can I just say... I love how your pictures look so nice and clean! hahaha! Our kids are so precious and these milestones that you have captured of Zoe are going to be the ones that will make us smile , with tears of joy when we read them again a few years down the road. :)

    1. Thank you Shermeen! I am definitely going to feel a lot when I read them in future! They grow up so fast, and I hope to document as much as I can! :)

  2. This is a beautiful record of Zoe's milestone. I kinda regret not noting my kids' journey when they were in their growing years. Lovely pictures and I'm sure it will be a nice read up when she grows up.

    1. I only just started last month to record her milestones in such detail, and I hope I can keep up in this! :)

  3. Happy 17th Zoe! I love the variety of food you prepared for Zoe and your family, all nutritious and delicious. And all her smiles! Super cute!

    1. Thanks Jolin! It's a lot of work, but thinking about the health of my family pushes me on week after week to plan the menu! I hope September will be good for you, you take care! :)

  4. Aww she's such a cutie!!! I used to keep monthly reports of my girl until she was about 30+ months too.. keep up the good work. These are wonderful memories to hold and cherish forever.

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

    1. Hehe, thank you! And wow 30+ months!! I was thinking maybe after she turns 2 years old I will stop... but now maybe I might re consider! hahaha.. They do are wonderful memories, and I know I am going to be thankful that I spent time recording these milestones :)

  5. This is such an adorable post. It's great you are cooking a lot more these days! I think when most of us become moms we get more conscious about what we are eating and hence, what we are feeding our kids!

    1. Hey Diana! Thanks for ALL your wonderful recipes! I love your site and how simple your recipes are for dishes that I thought were impossible to cook at home! And yes, I really do become even more conscious after being a mum, and I hope I can keep up to planning meals at home! Thanks for dropping by! :)

  6. Your little daughter is so cute!! She would love to read this post on herself when she grows up <3 Nice work there Jayme!

    Shirley @ SAys! Happy Mums

    1. Thanks Shirley! I hope when she reads this, she will feel my love! hahaha! :)