Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Zoe Calls "Mama!"

22 August 2015

I FINALLY managed to catch these precious words on camera! Actually, Zoe has started calling me "mama" shortly after she turned 1 year old, but I never could get a proper video footage of her saying it, hence I delayed this entry for the longest time. The very first time when I first heard those words was when my MIL pointed at me and asked Zoe who am I. I remembered she stopped what she was doing, looked right at me and replied "mama", and I was so pleasantly surprised! A little unbelievable and thought maybe it was a coincidence as I couldn't get her to say it again afterwards! (ARGG!) Then shortly after that incident, we went off to Hong Kong and while I was in a convenience store alone, I suddenly heard a familiar voice shouting "mama!". I looked up and saw from the entrance my husband carrying Zoe calling out for me! It was incredibly sweet, and since then she has started calling me "ma" or "mama"

Although honestly speaking I have been teaching her to call me "mummy" all these while, and even till last week I was still correcting her, I kind of gave up and have grown to like "mama" instead. I mean, just watch the video (I replayed it at least 50 times no less!), the way she calls me "mama" with the different tones makes it so adorable! *heart melts* How precious are these words!

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