Tuesday, August 18, 2015

SG50 - Happy Birthday Singapore!

7-10 August 2015

Sharing some visuals over the long SG50 weekend! I was really thrilled at the long long holidays that we started planning about 2 weeks back. There were so many activities to do that weekend - free visits to the museums, discounted fares to the zoo, bird park, aquarium etc! But.... in the end the queue was all toooooo long, and we forgo them. Boo...

But we did manage to catch the RSAF Black Knights on the first day of their show! Though sadly it was pouring and the show was cut short, but to hear and see the planes up close was such a treat, and we almost made plans to go back again the next day. The long weekend was also spent a lot catching up with our friends over breakfast, lunch or dinner and we also caught spectacular fireworks at my parents' place where the fireworks were shot off just at the park below us, it was sooooo loud but what a crazy view!

On National day itself, we hosted some of our close friends at our place to watch the parade together. Everyone was so sporting to come in their red and white outfits and tattooing their faces with all the temporary tattoos that we have gathered. It was such a fun night of potbless, ciders, getting excited at the almost every segment of the parade, watching Zoe and our godson Joerl playing together, and not forgetting the highlight of the party - the cake! The SG50 cake definitely added a really exciting tone to our party, kudos to the husband for sourcing it out. (He got it from Pine Garden - yummy too!). It was such a fun party!

I also had some time off from Zoe to meet up with my girlfriends on the last day of the holiday for some Korean food and the delicious mud pie from coffee club. It did wonder to my soul, to be able to share with one another and spend the whole night out in town. It was so long ago since I had a late late night out! I can't wait for the next one already!

At the end of the long long weekend, I am just really thankful to be a citizen of this nation. I have never felt more patriotic than this year, especially when LKY passed on, it brought a great awakening to be so thankful for what we have in this country - the peace, stability and progress on this nation. And now that I am a mother, I think its so critical to have stability in the country where our children can grow up safely. And not forgetting all the easily accessible healthcare and schools that are available for our children to study in. Happy 50th Birthday Singapore, I am so proud to call you my home!

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