Sunday, August 2, 2015

16 Months Old

As promised, I am going back to documenting this little one's monthly development! She turns 16 months today and I still can't get enough of her. I have been missing her a lot more at work this month and I figured that it's because she has grown to a stage where we have been having more interactions and she has better responses now with her one word answers or her cheeky little smile. Sure there will be tantrums because she is more aware of what's going on, but there's definitely more joy and sweet endearing actions from this one here. I have written this entry in a way that is pretty easy and fun to read and it took me quite some time to get all these photos! Hopefully I keep up monthly on these updates!


Zoe's food choices are pretty boring because I have not been diligent to explore this area, and at the same time I am also rather strict in what goes into her body. Though technically speaking she can now partake salt in her food, but the recommended salt intake for toddlers age 1-3 is still very low at only 2g each day. This would mean that if she takes 2 slices of bread she would have reach half of her daily limit. So, at the moment I omit salt from her meals so that she can take bread and other carbohydrates that already has them.

Up till now, we are still bringing homecooked porridge stored in a thermal flask whenever we head out, and her porridge consist of alternating the usual ingredients like spinach, broccoli, threadfin, salmon, sweet potato, pumpkin, potato, carrots cooked in pork broth. (Read here to find out how I make her pork broth - I use this for her noodles soup base too). For the past 2 months, I started exploring to give her noodles and she kind of love it. I use organic brown rice mee sua or organic pumpkin noodles from Simply Natural. I love this brand and I can't wait to try out other ranges of their products as they use unbleached plain flour to make their noodle.

This month, I started exploring pasta in Zoe's meals and the above is one of such where I used baby pasta, broccoli (use more florets than the stem), salmon bits covered in homemade tomato paste. Initially she didn't really like it because she has to chew much harder than her usual porridge, and this is also something that bothered me because she has already got 10 teeth (2 molars each on the left and right, and 4 front teeth above and below). Mummy seriously needs to work harder at introducing non baby food so that she can join us for fun healthy family meals.

This is pretty exciting, because she has suddenly sped up in her vocabulary of words. Half the words here were new this month and particularly in the past weeks she was able to say 8 new words and 2 syllabus words! (and this also explains the sleep regression that she is going through currently, more on how I cope with this painful thing soon).

Zoe's list of words in order:
1. Daddy - (Watch video here)
2. Amen
3. Ball
4. Bus
5. Bird
6. Pup (Short form for puppy)
7. Bear
8. Mummy/ Mama/ Mimi (Yup, I am ranked 8th! Need to blog about this!)
9. NaiNai
10. No
11. Me
12. Woof Woof
13. More
14. Yes
15. This
16. That
17. Yeye
18. Me
19. Fish
20. Drop
21. Please
22. Thanks
23. Byebye
24. Hi
25. Auntie


In this month, I noticed that Zoe could sort of recognize basic colors such as blue, red, yellow, orange (of course). As she has already mastered her grip to put the rings into the cone of her stacking toy, I am now teaching her about the sequence of the rings. I would ask for the color of the ring which she would then pick that color and put it into the cone accordingly. Pretty exciting to discover that!

Another new skill would be to recognize the fruits and match back them back when they are halved. I love this set of veggie toys, as it reminded me of my childhood "masa masa" games that I used to play. I am currently trying to find a suitable kitchen set for her, and i am so excited! I think I will probably have more fun than her, hahaha! So, in this set of veggie toys I would tell Zoe to match the "watermelon" and she will pick up the fruit and piece them back to a whole. Similarly for the rest of the fruits too! Astonishing for me, how did this little brain of hers develop so quickly!


One of the cute little things this month - likes to hold our hands and lead us to wherever she wants us to go to. I have been getting that a lot especially when we are home and am at the dining table working on my laptop. She would come along  to take my hand, pull me towards her toys, gets me to sit down on the floor to play with her. A little disruptive when I am in the midst of doing my stuff, but how to resist this cute little one wanting to spend time with me?!

Well, Zoe has also taken on the mothering role to her two puppies. The fisher-price puppy is the love of her life - gets all the kisses and hugs more than anyone else at home, and recently we even saw her attempting to read to her puppy. She feeds them with water, shares her biscuits with them, and takes their hands to play on her toy drum like as if they are playing it. It's quite interesting and amusing to watch, hahaha.

We've always been reading to Zoe everyday since she was a little baby as bedtime stories has always been part of the routine for her. But in recent weeks, we have seen her really taking an interest in it and I can be reading 20 times of the same couple of books all day to her and she would still listen attentively to me. So since I have a little bookworm at home, I wanted to get some new books for her but then I realized that I should just bring her to the library instead so that we can keep having new books to read without paying a single cent. Yay for libraries!

So this month, I brought her to the library for the first time and got her her very own library card! Whoppee! Currently we have visited the library twice already and she's having a ball of time with all the new books. And the cute + sweet thing about this is that she comes bugging with her books everyday, pull my hand to get me to sit on the floor, and then proceeds to sit on my lap comfortably as I read her her book. I honestly hope this appetite for books will be for a lifetime.

So, that's it folks, happy short work week and happy super long weekend! Hope you guys have fun plans with your loved ones!


  1. Zoe is too cute! :) And I think she speaks a lot of words for her age!!

    1. Hello Dorothea! Thank you :) I think she is going through some major development in her linguistics, she has started stringing 2 words together this month!