Sunday, July 12, 2015

Zoe's First Visit to Singapore Zoo

One of Zoe's favorite books - we have read this for I think 102493149031 times.
So it's only appropriate that we bring this along to the Zoo.

My favorite animal! *insert the heart shaped eyes emoticon*

"Mummy, where's the giraffe?"

"Giraffe, checked"

"Feeding time"

"Feeding my daddy too"

"Mummy, why are we taking this photo?"

"Here daddy, let me help you"

"Mummy, can we bring it home?"

No idea what they are, but they are in my favorite colors and they look beautiful!

"Hello little cutie!"

"Happy Birthday Godpa!"

One of my favorite places for a good zichar!

1st June 2015

A month back, we brought Zoe to the Singapore Zoo to celebrate her godpa's birthday! I was personally rather excited because the last time Jiahao and I went to the Zoo was 7 years back in our dating days. We were all prepared for the scorching sun that day, slapped with sun screen, dressing comfortably and loading up with lots of fluids. In fact, we brought our own drinks (bottles of mineral water, 100 plus, H20) and avoided paying a rather expensive amount of $7 for a tall skinny bottle of ice slushie that was on every push cart that we walked by. It was calling out our name, but nope we didn't fall for that. Phew.

It was a fun day, being able to sort of get away from the "city life" and finding ourselves walking for hours filled with greenery and animals and more animals. Thankfully, the zoo wasn't crowded even though it was a public holiday, and we find ourselves being able to catch the Kolar Bears with just under a 5 minutes wait, which honestly if we were to queue for 20 mins with a toddler, then nope we are skipping it. 

Well, did Zoe enjoyed the Zoo? I guess she is still kind of young to be able to absorb everything, because we spend about the first 2-3 minutes in each enclosure trying to get her attention to look at the animals that were right in front of her. She was looking everywhere except at the animals!

Me: "Hey Zoe, look at the monkeys"
Zoe: "Hmmm where are they mummy" - looking at the ground.
Me" "okay, next animal please, and a bigger one"

The best part for Zoe was of course without any questions asked - the water playground. Just look at the photos and you know she had a blast in there with her daddy and godpa. She was taking all the water splashing over her face like a champ, like "give me more, more more!" So glad she had a blast, and I can't wait to check out the other water parks in our tiny island!

We ended the day with a sumptuous dinner at New Ubin Seafood! We have been there a couple of times and the beef never fails! Oh, and I love the hokkien mee and fried kailan (not pictured) too! It can be really crowded, so do make reservation if you are planning to head down!

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