Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hong Kong 2015 - Day 5 [Going Home!]

 One of the best thing about a holiday is that Zoe sleeps in the same room with us!
Back at home, she sleeps in her own bedroom, so its a real treat to have her in the same room for 4 nights!

海皇粥店 - Ocean Empire
We stumbled upon this place near our hotel and it serves really good porridge and carrot cake!
Click on the link here for their locations in Hong Kong

 Their signature porridge! Very smooth and generous portion of ingredients in it!

 I love this! Carrot cake with "hei bi hiam" aka dried shrimps!!!

 No baby chair, so this is how the husband eats his meal while the toddler eats her biscuits
 We wiped out everything, I would go back for it!
Notice the trash bag sitting on the table? We realized that our table has always been full of wet wipes, tissue paper, biscuit wrappers and what not, so we pull out the trashbag that we have in  our diaper bag and threw it all in to keep the table less horrifyingly inconsiderate for the people cleaning up after us.

 The husband who made the trip possible for both Zoe and I! He did all the "work" - packing Zoe's luggage there, unpacking and packing the diaper bag everyday, standing in the hotel toilet for an hour to wash all the milk bottles, spoons, boiling of water, transferring them to our bottles and heating up of food jars etc!

 "Mummy, can the holiday not end?"

5th May 2015

Our last day in Hong Kong, and we had a late afternoon flight to catch. I am glad we didn't have a morning flight where we have to wake up extremely early to rush to the airport, but could still take some time to walk out and have a nice decent meal before returning to check out of the hotel. As you can see from the photos above, we had a sumptuous HK style breakfast which we really enjoyed the smooth, generous portion of seafood porridge, and the carrot cake with dried shrimps all over it. Wish we had discovered this place earlier, I would have definitely went back for another bowl of that porridge.

I love Hong Kong airport, for its full length see through windows that allow sunlight to stream in and make the whole place so bright and spacious. Our flight back was busy like the flight there, we took turns to eat, tried to make Zoe take her nap, entertained her with her books and toys which she then eventually slept at the last 30 mins when I walked around rocking her at the back of the aircraft. Any parents out there feel like a champion when your toddler finally takes her nap? hahaha

It has been a really fun first family holiday for us and though we came back physically tired with bad muscle aches on our calf and feet, I was having withdrawal symptoms and thinking of the next holiday already. Zoe might not remember anything from this trip when she grows up, but for both my husband and I, we will definitely remember the memories we have created from this holiday and they will last for a long long long time in our hearts.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my posts on our Hong Kong holiday :)

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