Thursday, July 16, 2015

Hello Little Doll

12 July 2015

I realized that ever since Zoe turned 1 year old, I have kind of stopped keeping track of her monthly milestones and looking at these photos above made me realized how fast my girl is growing up. I mean, she look like a big girl now, I can't see much babyish features on her! I will soon forget what she could do at whichever stage she was at and the joy that I experienced when she could unlock those different achievements like self feeding, saying a new word, understanding new instructions or trying out a new food. So, I am going to go back to documenting all of that, even if I have no more milestone cards to take photos of her with, which speaking of it I kind of miss those monthly milestone card phototaking time where I think about what to dress her up with and getting her to lie still and smile into the camera. Those were really fun times. You can view the past monthly milestone updates here.

So, currently I am trying to  conceptualize a little at how to kind of do the monthly milestone thing in a more fun and structured way for you readers to read. I mean seriously, as much as these are for me to look back in the future, I would also want you guys to enjoy reading about Zoe's developments! I am of course not going to do this till she is like 124th month or something, but we will see where this take us to when she hits like say 2 years old? (which is actually only 9 more months to go).

Any ideas are welcome!

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