Friday, July 24, 2015

A Little Pink Dolphin

23 July 2015

Any parents out there that has an issue with dressing their girls in pink? or any princess outfits? Because I am having this problem! I kind of struggle to buy clothes for Zoe and my husband would testify that I am extremely picky in the color of products that we get for Zoe. For example: When Zoe was 6 months old, he bought a pink Dr Brown sippy cup, and I was horrified and made him go back to change the color. But they only had 2 colors - a boyish blue or girly pink, so we stuck with the pink (very reluctantly). And this was just one of the many incidents that my husband wanted to roll his eyes at me. But having said that, I have nothing against kids holding a pink sippy cup, its just me not being used to owning a pink product, though technically speaking its Zoe's product.

If you have been following my blog or instagram feed, you will know that I am rarely in bright colors and in fact always in monochrome. And this somehow naturally applies to the same for Zoe, but of course not to the extreme. I do dress her up in girly dresses, skirts and jumper, and my husband balances her outfit colors with tinge of purple, red, yellow and occasional pink. In fact, most of the clothing we buy are all in neutral color and simple design like stripes or checkered.

So then you asked, whats with these photos of Zoe in pink? Well, lately I have been noticing Zoe having a thing with bright colors. In fact, a few months back (when she was probably 10 months old), she showed signs that her favorite color is...... Orange. BRIGHT GLARING SHOCKING ORANGE!!! Of all the toys at home, she would hold on tightly to all the orange toys and refuses to let go of it. My husband of course had a good laugh while I stared in disbelief.

Then just the other week, we went into a shoe shop, and she happily picked a very bright all pink sandals and wanted to try it out. And, that was the tipping point for me. I decided that if she is going to start wearing pink or orange, then what I would do is to pick those outfits for her (very carefully not to overdo it), and try to slowly accept that she probably is going to grow up loving bright colors and not be like her boring mum. >_< (But I actually do wear colors, really)
So, here you go, my first purchase of pink for Zoe, and I think she looks adorable in it :)

Disclaimer: No offense to anyone out there that loves pink or orange, its just a personal preference! I just need to get used to buying and owning colorful items!

PS: I entered Zoe in Gap's Casting Call, though afterwards I found out the winner doesn't mean they represent Gap but still going to make some effort to gather some votes for her! Please help to vote by clicking here!


  1. Lovely photos!

    As a mum of 2 very boyish boys, and then a girl, and from what I've read about boy and girl brains, I think colour preference is really a brain thing. We NEVER had any pink toys, but yet from around 15-18 months I noticed she would naturally gravitate towards the pink girl toys! And she is quite girly. So I just go with the flow. It's an interesting journey :)

    1. I kind of secretly hope that Zoe won't be too girl, but I guess she might be walking towards that princess and dolls directions... She loves to carry all sorts of bags around (plastic bags too!), puts her hairband on as necklaces, checks herself in the mirror and likes to watch me put my make up on. My husband has told me to prepare my heart for the day she ask for her bedsheet to be in disney princess and a pink hello kitty bag. *sob* hahaha