Monday, June 22, 2015

Hong Kong 2015 - Day 4 [Disneyland]

Australia Dairy Company
47-49 Parkes Street, Jordan

I honestly really love the scrambled eggs and the milk pudding here very much so I decided that on this trip we need to patronize this place again. But the experience here with a toddler is a big NO NO for us. We shared a super tiny table with a couple, Zoe had to sit on my husband's lap (the chair was just a small stool) while we gobbled down our food in 7 minutes (including a hot tea), because Zoe was fussing as it was time for her nap. It was very squeezy and half the time I was afraid that the service staff will accidentally tripped over our overwhelming bags on the floor. I guess, we have to do a take away the next round.

"Welcome to Disneyland!"

Clearly not impressed by the carousel at all.

The castle was undergoing some construction, so we had to make do with a cardboard castle :(

Waiting for the "Flights of Fantasy" parade to start!

Zoe didn't like it, it was way too loud for her. Poor girl :(

I was really impressed by their Baby Care Room. In fact, we came here to rest for about 5 times taking refuge from the scorching sun and doing all the diaper and feeding here.

Besides the carousel, this is the other activity we did in our time there. It was surprisingly entertaining and Zoe enjoyed the singing and dancing. But there were some parts where the music was a little too loud and "scary" for her, and she was hiding in my arms.

My favorite selfie shot from that day!

Waiting for the night parade "Disney Paint the Night" and we were so blown away by it! Check out the photos below!

Well, after the night parade, my camera battery died. Thankfully we had already decided beforehand that we will not be staying for the fireworks display, if not I will be so upset with myself for not saving my battery life for the fireworks.

Though it was only 3 years ago since the husband and I visited Hong Kong Disneyland, it was obviously a very different experience this time round with Zoe around. We really enjoyed ourselves at Disneyland that day and it was the best Monday ever spent and also a great way to celebrate the husband's birthday! Though we couldn't get on majority of the rides with a toddler, we still had plenty of fun walking around the entire park under the hot sun. I would have have gone for another show - "The Lion King" if we had timed our schedule properly that day, but thankful we managed to at least catch "The Golden Mickey" show. The Night Parade was the highlight for us that day, the LED lights and the performance was so good that we felt that our tickets were well spent and we could go home without the need to catch the fireworks display. Probably we will come back again to Disneyland when Zoe is old enough for the kiddy rides. We will most definitely enjoy more of what the park has to offer then, but for now it's good enough for us, these memories will stay with us for a long long while :)

PS: Sorry for disappearing these two weeks, I was extremely ovewhelmed at work covering my manager who was away for 3 weeks! I have one more Hong Kong entry to go and I promised to do it by next week! Thanks for sticking around!


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