Thursday, June 4, 2015

Hong Kong 2015 - Day 3

 "Are you guys done? Can we go yet?"
PS: This totseat aka portable baby high chair saved us so much trouble when majority of the restaurants didn't have a baby chair for Zoe. And even if they have, it was actually a bumper seat without a belt. Hence the totseat acted as a "belt" for her and we could eat without carrying her. It basically works as long as you have a chair with backing! I highly recommend this!

 Picture us carrying a baby and a diaper bag climbing this. No joke.

18 Tai Ping Shan Road
Nearest MTR: Sheung Wan

 Please try the Matcha Cheesecake, Scones and Sea Salt Yin Yang!

 "I'm enjoying my tea break too Mummy"

 "Peekaboo Daddy!"

 Yung Kee Restaurant
32-40 Wellington Street, Central
Nearest MTR: Central

Agnes B Cafe - Please try the Oolong Tea Cake!
Click here for locations of the cafe

3rd May 2015

Apologies that I am a little behind on the Hong Kong updates! We had a really exhausting long weekend with a dear friend's wedding on two days and then a trip to the Zoo on the next day! Our third day in Hong Kong was basically spent walking around Central and Hong Kong Island. We started our day by going to Teakha at Tai Ping Shan street. Apparently, Tai Ping Shan street is where all the hipster cafes and shops are located, and you can find pretty interesting and cool stuff there. But the road to being a hipster ain't easy at all, we alighted from the MTR, walked under the sorching sun for 5 minutes and was then greeted with a long long long flight up stairs uphill.My husband was carrying Zoe while I was tasked with the heavy diaper bag and off we climbed. At midpoint, I was almost gonna say let us flag a cab, but we persevered and made it!

It's a very very tiny teahouse, and the only available seats or space for us with a toddler was a space with a kid's table and chairs. Oh well, good enough, as long as we didn't need to sit outside in the sun. We ordered their recommended - Matcha Cheesecake, Pineapple Scone and an icy cold Sea Salt Yin Yang. The verdict? It was...... worth the climb. (it better be, because I am gonna be really pissed if it tasted like any other cheesecake after that long journey) But I would say once is enough and I would not revisit  having to climb that treacherous flight of stairs with a toddler and all that baggage on me.

Our lunch that day was our most expensive one in this trip. Yung Kee Restaurant. It is one of the famous place to go for roast goose and it definitely did not disappoint! Firstly, having spent the morning in the sun, we were of course really glad that we are dining properly in air conditioning where we would have the space and time to eat without feeling like we need to rush off to give up our seats to the people in the queue. It was the most peaceful lunch in this trip where we had attentive service staff and sufficient rest before we were off for more walking that day.

We had a plate of mixed meat - roast goose and char siew, a bowl of plain white rice and a small bowl of wanton noodles. It was just 3 items (not really 3 if you exclude the bowl of plain rice), and the bill came up to SGD $70+. But the goose was on point on so many level. I am not really very good at describing food but both the goose and the char siew was juicy and evenly roasted to perfection.

That night, we also had a little birthday celebration for the husband. It was the eve of his birthday and we have the tradition of celebrating birthdays on the eve of the actual day (I do not know why and how it started). It was really fun and cosy just huddling up in our hotel room after a long day and eating take away dinner from everywhere like MacDonald, Sushi (so gooood we had it again the next day), and Yee Shun milk pudding. That night, we placed the birthday fruit tart on our luggage, sang countless times of birthday song to the delight of Zoe and blew out imaginary flame as we did not have a lighter. It was a perfect little party of our own.

Day 4 - DISNEYLAND coming soon!

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