Thursday, June 25, 2015

Happy Fathers' Day - 2015

This year, my husband celebrated his 2nd Fathers' Day and I thought it will be really sweet to get little Zoe to be involved in making her daddy a handmade card. It's a very simple exercise that was done in 15 minutes and Zoe was very cooperative as well that day. I traced her small little tiny hand about 3 times before getting a nice outline and then cut it out to paste onto a blue striped paper. The wordings you see on the card were all "written" by Zoe... Well meaning I held her hand and wrote it together with her, and of course she was thrilled to be holding a pen writing words on the card. It was a fun activity, and I kind of can't wait for her to be a little older before we can start doing all the crafting and coloring stuff together!

And below are some photos I took of the two in their twinning outfits on Fathers' Day. I couldn't find a checkered outfit to match these two, and was very left out in my all white ensemble that day. But oh well, its Fathers' Day, so I will let daddy soak entirely in the daddy and daughter matching outfit thing :)

 Love this photo of them! They looked like they are at a Trick Eye Museum!

To Zoe's daddy, thank you for being her playmate, comforter, strong pillar of strength and assurance. Its amazingly sweet to see how the man I marry play and display such fatherly affection to this little one of ours. I couldn't ask for a more hands-on partner who can do everything that I do (except breastfeeding, hahaha), and I never need to worry a single bit if I were to leave the both of you at home or when you bring Zoe out on a father-daughter date. Oh and not forgetting looking into all the tiny details of her life like changing her milk bottle teats, stocking up her diapers, bath soaps, lotion and all the other necessities that she needs. I am so thankful to be sharing parenthood journey with you, Happy Father's Day from us! *muacks!*

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