Saturday, May 9, 2015

Hong Kong 2015 - Day 1

"Hello, can I order a carrot and pumpkin porridge?"

"hmm where does this go?"

"Is the food coming yet?"

"Oh you are delivering it in 5 mins? thats great!"

"My bear needs to drink his milk too"

"Ahhh now that I am full, maybe I should take a nap..."

"Changed my mind! No one has time for nap! This looks fun!"

The Cityview
23 Waterloo Road, Hong Kong

The room was clean and comfortable to stay in. We had walking space even after putting a baby cot beside our bed and two luggage that was lying on the ground.

Crispy Bun with Condensed Milk

Fishball and Fishcake in Fish Soup
The fishballs were made freshly with 10 types of fishes and yellow eel

Chicken chop baked rice which was so-so for me

"Daddy, put me down please, I can walk on my own now"

I really love the HK skyline, its breathtaking!

1 May 2015

We are back from our first ever family holiday in Hong Kong! It was a pretty last minute decision, where we only confirmed our air tickets and booked our hotel room a week earlier. We have been sitting on the fence for a long time thinking if its the right time for a family vacation, as we weren't sure if Zoe would take the flight well, or actually the concern was if we were able to manage well with Zoe on the flight! Plus the thought of packing half the house into the luggage was quite daunting for us.

Anyhow, we went and we came back in one piece.... with bad muscles ache all over from all the walking and baby carrying! At the same time, I am having some slight withdrawal symptoms and already thinking when can we go for our next holiday. hahaha. (my husband will probably just roll eyes at me because he was the one who baby carried Zoe the entire trip and did all the packing).

One of our priorities in choosing a hotel is the distance to the MTR as that will be our primary mode of transport and we didn't want to spend so much time walking to the MTR everyday. Hence, Cityview Hotel was perfect for us because it was just a 2 minutes walk to Yau Ma Tei MTR and a bonus that it was 5 minutes walk to Ladies Market and if you walk further down a little, you would reach Mongkok station where Langham Place is. When we checked in that day, I also secretly prayed in my heart that we would be upgraded and surprise surprise we really got upgraded to their deluxe room because they ran out of the economy room with a double bed. TYJ!

For our first HK meal, we headed to my husband's favorite HK eateries - Tsui Wah Restaurant, which you can find it almost everywhere. We went to the one just opposite Langham Place. Pardon me if my food pictures were not very well taken, as it was exceptionally challenging to take all the food pictures in this trip when I have to hold Zoe down with one hand and secondly, I simply do not have the luxury of time to wait for all dishes to arrive before taking a nice food picture as it was a "eat and go" kind of situation for every meal here. *SOB*

If you patronize this restaurant, I would recommend you to try the very delicious Swiss Sauce Chicken Wings (not photographed here), HK Milk Tea with Crispy Bun and Condensed Milk and Baked seafood rice (which we had it on our second visit).

Traveling with a baby has really been an extremely different experience. We had take-out dinners in the hotel every night (not kidding), and we didn't want to venture to places that were too far off the shopping malls as we would need the baby care room for diaper changing. But despite all these, we really had fun, like we always do when we are together. I will try to come up with an entry about what we (or rather my husband) packed for Zoe, and some traveling tips that I gathered while we were on this trip. Hopefully, traveling with kids get easier as they grow older!

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