Thursday, May 28, 2015

Heguru Education - Term 1 Review

After writing about Heguru Education on my blog a couple of months back (you can read here), my husband and I have received many feedback from the people around us about the progress of Zoe and if it is benefiting her. Zoe has been attending classes at Heguru Education at One KM Mall, and she had just finished her first term there in March and currently attending her 2nd term. I will be sharing in this entry about some of the activities in her class and my reviews on it.

Zoe checking that she scores the best attendance in her class

I love this picture of Zoe's teachers! Teacher Jill and Teacher Vivian had been nothing short of amazing! You can sense the oozing passion they have for early childhood teaching, and they have such cheery attitudes that brighten up the class so much! Its infectious I would say, that even as a parent I feel happy just by attending their class.

One of the 40-50 activities in class includes learning about numbers. In term 1, Zoe was exposed to subtraction, addition, multiplication and even fractions! They were all very fun activities to introduce numeracy to them, like getting them to tear out the pieces of Velcro pizzas or cakes to teach them fractions , or just simply counting together using the giant abacus above.

And the main activity of the class has to be the flash cards. In every class, teacher Jill goes through like 15-20 sets of them with very wide range of topics like "famous works of Michelangelo", "parts of a clock" and even topics like "types of local food". And the kind of speed and accuracy that she executes them every week is extremely impressive! I always wonder how many hours of practice she had before coming for class. Salute!

I can assure you that no kid will get bored with Heguru class. After attending almost half a year of the weekly classes, there will always be something new about each lesson. They have endless activities for the kids to participate in in every class.

One of the most challenging activity in the class has to be the iroita. Its a a puzzle that the kid has to attempt to piece it with the different shapes that are given to them. Of course, Zoe can't piece it yet but I am seeing a great improvement since day 1. She would used to just pick up the pieces and want to put it all in her mouth, but now she can understand how this works and will put the pieces onto the sheet of paper. It may be the wrong shapes, but she gets the idea that she has to put the puzzles there. Great effort I would say!

To see a huge improvement in just 1 term can be hard and probably I will have more to share at the end of term 2. But here are some of the notable things that I noted from Zoe from this term.

One of the thing I love about the class is that it has helped to develop Zoe's confidence. I always thought Zoe would grow up to be an introvert (nothing wrong with that!), as she was always very shy and hiding in our arms. But over the past 2 months, I am beginning to see her being more confident and sociable. Instead of shying away, she would now be readily engaging other kids and expresses interest to play with them. In her class, she would always be standing alongside with the teachers during sing-a-long and dances right in the front when the music is being played. Often, during activity time, she would be eagerly wanting to show her answers she had picked to the teachers and would also go around checking on her other classmates. A little school prefect in the making I suppose?

Positive Learning Attitude/ Longer Attention Span
When Zoe first started Heguru classes, it was hard for her to last through 60 minutes without fussing. But over time, her attention span has lengthened and she has been actively participating throughout the class. Back at home, it was also very easy for me to capture her attention when I reinforce the parent's notes and continue some of the simple activities at home. In fact, she would be coming to me with her books and asking me to read it to her. She would sit beside me while I read and we can go on for 2 books at one go without her losing attention. I must say its quite a huge feat for a 13 month old toddler.

Understanding simple instructions well
Zoe has been pretty good at understanding simple instructions.There were many activities during the class that needed them to follow simple instructions, be it to tear out some paper, stick something on the board or choose which is the correct answer. And these have helped Zoe understand and gradually respond to them over time. With the weekly reinforcement on getting them to understand simple instructions and exposing them to words like "pull, push, choose, pick something, put down", it wasn't hard for me to also teach her simple instructions at home. She started learning to keep her toys, lying down when told, sit down to take out her shoes, wave goodbye, fly kiss, high five, throw things into the bin etc.

Good memory
Lastly, one of the benefits of attending Herugu Classes are that they are supposed to train your young ones with good memory. I have been pleasantly surprised by how fast Zoe remembers the little things that I have taught her and I attribute it to the lessons that have trained her memory to do that. For example, back at home, we didn't put in a lot of effort to teach her where are her body parts but she could remember them very quickly and points us to it each time we asked her to. She now knows where are her eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, toes, armpit (armpits are important you know), hair and head. And whats amazing is, she knows these body parts in bilingual! As much as I can, I try to teach her in bilingual and I was really surprised that she could pick them up so quickly!

All in all, the classes are really fun, not just for Zoe but for myself too. I see it as a weekly bonding session between Zoe and I, where I get to spend 1 full hour to do educational activities with her and see her progress in her developmental skills. They are fun enough to make me travel 1hour 15 min to and fro each via a bus and two trains on a Saturday for the past 5-6 months and we never miss a single class except when we were in Hong Kong 3 weekends ago. I hope that speaks a lot, because you got to picture me lugging a 5kg diaper bag along with the baby like above.

If you want to find out more about Heguru Classes, you can also check out their website here!
I will be back to share more when the current term ends, you can drop me an email too if you have any questions for me!

Disclaimer: We are sponsored by Heguru Education Center for Zoe's lessons and receive no other monetary compensation. All opinions are 100% mine.


  1. Hi Jayme,
    May I know when have you started to send your kids to Heguru? My boy is currently 9 months, will it be too early? Although they advertise the program suits for 6 months -3 years old. Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Bee,
      I started sending Zoe to Heguru when she was 8 months old! It will take a while to see results but i think it was not too early for her as she was quite intrigued by the activities that were in the 1 hour class and they change activities very quickly so that the kids don't get bored with them. They probably will not respond correctly to the activities yet but it does help when the teacher reinforce weekly on them and Zoe started responding to them aft a few months, and you do feel a sense of pride when they do that! I will be posting my next review of Zoe attending heguru soon, hope it will help you to decide! :)

  2. Hi Jayme,,

    Just wondering did you consider shichida? I think these 2 more popular choice. I was going to sign up my boy for shichida in springleaf, tg pagar but I was put off with snobbish person in charge who couldn't care if you sign up with them at all.
    So I'm looking for alternative and heguru came up during my search. Saw your blog and thought perhaps you could give me your thoughts on these 2.

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Jas,

      I was introduced to Heguru before getting to know about Shichida, but shortly I went to read up on the difference on these two and find that it's actually not much difference as the focus is the same - right brain stimulation. I had a really pleasant experience at Heguru (One KM Mall), and my daughter and I always look forward to the weekly classes very much. The teachers there are very pleasant and passionate about early childhood education and it made the learning very enjoyable. I will be posting on my next review of them soon, hope it will help you on your decision! :)