Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Mothers' Day 2015!

After being a mother myself, I cannot deny that I feel more bonded and appreciative of my mum who raised me and my 3 other siblings up. With just 1 kid, we are already running helter-skelter around the house, so I cannot imagine how my mum managed to raise us all and still run her own travel business. Being an entrepreneur doesn't really give her much time with us, she is always home after 10pm which leaves us very little time with her. But yet when she is around, you will always sense her presence strongly in the house when she fuss around the cleanliness of our rooms, the length of our hair (and then dragged us to the hair salon with us in tears), and making sure we are well supplemented with all the fish oil, multiple vitamins, and taking our brown rice cereal everyday. And of course, like probably any other kid out there, I grew up having fights with my mum when we couldn't agree on absurd things like " Why can't I have long hair till I am 13yo", "why can't I stay over at my best friend's house", "why are you not increasing my allowance" etc. And of course, at the end of the day, we made up. I think the turning point for my relationship with my mum was when I was preparing for my wedding. She was very much involved in the choosing of dates, the Chinese traditions that we have to keep, and also the nights were she stayed up to help me with the decorations, and ever since then we really became closer and even more so after I have shifted out. Those weekly dinners were always fruitful as we spent time together. And, having just came back from our holiday with Zoe, it reminded me that my parents often bring us for for holidays and I can't even imagine packing for 4 kids and managing all 4 on the plane and on the streets of a foreign country. (insert a shocked emoji here).So mum, you are a superhero, I don't know how you do it and I take my hats off you!

"In the presence of a mother, we feel that our childhood has not all departed" - Eliza Cook

And then after I got married, I have a second mother who is as important as my own mother. Actually even before marriage, she was already a mum to me, extremely accepting towards me. We often hear horror stories of mother-in-laws and their antics, but thankfully it was the complete opposite for me. I moved in to stay for 2 years before shifting into our own place, and even living under the same roof was a very pleasant and fun stay for me. I had plenty of space and privacy from my MIL but yet at the same time still felt very belonged and accepted at home. In fact, I had such a ball of time living with my in-laws that I was crying the week before and after when we moved out. My MIL has this special gift of making people feel very comfortable with her, and I often see her siblings, her friends and even neighbors dropping by her place for a time of "counseling session". There were also many many times where I was moved to tears by her love for me, because I always see the love of God from the way she loves me and it was always very timely and very specific acts of love that sometimes spooks me out too. And then, when Zoe came along, my MIL was always there as well, for me and for Zoe. Her love for Zoe made it very easy for me to completely trust her and go back to work after my maternity leave, and she would even sacrifice her annual leave to help me care for Zoe when I had to go into office during last minute notices.  To me, I am inspired by her, she honestly set the bar for me to be like her as a mother to my own kids and my kids' future spouses.

And then, I have a third mother who is my spiritual mother. When I got saved in 2003 and was integrated into pastor Edmund's zone, both my pastor and his wife Jiahui became my spiritual parents. But it was only in the recent years when I got married, that I grew closer to Jiahui and she has been there for me since then. I am always very comfortable sharing with her because she is not just a very good listener, but also one who advices me wisely on the different kinds of problems I face in life. And I think I have never ran out of topics to talk to her when I see her, we could go on for hours if we had time, which reminded me that I was once over at her place pouring out to her for 3 whole hours. So, how is she like a mother to me? Well, she is usually or should I say always the first person I go to when I have emergencies at home, just like when Zoe had to go into A&E for her vomiting frenzy last year, I knew I could still reach her even if it was already past midnight. I remembered her telling me on the phone what kind of food Zoe could take that will be easy on her stomach, what medication I could give her and even how to disinfect my house from the stomach virus. Oh, and she was also the very first person I texted when my water bag broke at 5am in the morning and went into labor. She is that important! And throughout my whole labor, she was constantly checking on me and my dilation, and all the tips to have an as easy as possible labor. Thanks mummy Jiahui, its comforting to know that in life I can always turn to you, I am very thankful for you and of course for pastor too :)

PS: I realized we do not have a photo together! We need to take one soon!

After thanking the three important women in my life, here's a little something for myself! I received a carnation from my godson Joerl, and I was really really surprised and touched. In fact, I was a bit teary. It also reminded me of the times in primary school where I would spend my allowance at the school bookshop to buy a stalk of carnation or some other gifts for my mum on Mothers Day. Also, last Saturday, towards the end of Zoe's Heguru class, the teachers did an extra activity with them to make a simple Mothers' Day card for their mummies! I was really surprised and touched at the sweet gesture that the school had taken. I was beaming with joy and felt a little surreal that I received my first Mothers' Day card from my own child! Below are some photos that I took while they were making the card :)

The teachers had printed out a template and pasted the double sided-tape on the empty heart shape. So what they needed to do were to tear the colored paper (every kids fav activity), and then paste it into the heart shape. It was a simple and fun activity!

Below are some photos that my sister took of Zoe and I after class. They were so well captured that they are now my favorite photos of Zoe and I :)

So, happy Mothers Day to all you mummies out there! I hope your love tank is filled till overflowing by hugs, kisses and words of affirmation!


  1. woah!!! we really need to take a photo together! :) one that makes me look slimmer at least! hahaha...
    thanks for this lovely mention!!

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