Wednesday, April 29, 2015

[Giveaway] PediaSure #MyKidsPotential Gift Pack

Ever wondered what your child will grow up to be? A lawyer? A singer? A doctor? A fashio designer? Well, PediaSure has come up with a simple #MyKidsPotential Quiz that will help parents discover what their children will grow up to be and how to help them achieve that!

The quiz consist of 10 short questions about your child's personality, favorite activities, play habits, food and dislikes. After completion, the results will be presented to you in a business card with their potential occupation and tips on how to help them your child eat healthily.

Well, I did the short quiz and was pleasantly surprised to know that Zoe's potential occupation is a medical doctor! (WHOA! Now mummy has high hopes on you Zoe!) Coming to think of it, at her current age, she does have traits of being particularly helpful and generous in sharing her toys or food with the people around her. And I am hoping she stays this way! And, isn't the business card cute!

Also, along with this quiz launch, we were also gifted with PediaSure gift pack that has rather fabulous items in it! Check out the picture below!

1. 4 Bottles of PediaSure Ready-to-Drink (Suitable for age 1-10yo, find out more here)
2. PediaSure vouchers
3. A Fruit & Vegetable Cutter Play Set (Super like!)
4. A Sandwich Cutter Set (Yay to creating fun sandwiches!)
5. A Fruits & Veggies or Jobs & Careers Match It Puzzle Set

So, here comes the good news! I am giving away FOUR of these gift packs and you can stand a chance to win one of these by just following the simple instructions below and enter your entries in the Rafflecopter!

1. Go to #MyKidsPotential link here to take the quiz
2. Together with your name and email address, post the results of the quiz which is your child's potential occupation in the comments section below!

Please submit your entries into the Rafflecopter!

Giveaway ends on 5th May 2015 2359 and results will be posted in my FB page here and also in this blog entry on the following day!

The winners of this giveaway goes to:
1. Mabel Lim
2. Justina Tey
3. Leny xw
4. Selena Tan

We will be contacting you via email shortly!

Disclaimer: We were gifted with 1 gift pack from PediaSure for the purpose of this entry. All other opinions are 100% mine.


  1. My gal is a movie star

    Mabel Lim

  2. My girl is a movie star

    Selena Tan

  3. My girl is a doctor.

    Leny xw

  4. My boy is a scientist! Thank you for the giveaway!

    Jus Tey

  5. Thank you for the giveaway :-) My child's potential occupation is scientist :-)

    Kaye Wong