Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 352 - Zoe's First Walk

20 March 2015

I realized that I have forgotten to post an update on Zoe taking her first walk! Exactly a month ago, this babe here took her first few steps and made us so proud of her! She has been standing and cruising around a lot and then one day we decided to see if she could walk towards something (in this case, it was a bottle of herbal tea) and she did! I had tears welling up my eyes when I saw her walking, it was such a moment of joy!! And extremely thankful that I was around to witness her first walk!

Currently, she has kind of completely stopped crawling and has been walking everywhere around the house non stop. We are also treasuring the times that she would still want us to carry her and not push us away because of this new found independence. She is probably going to start running in a couple of months time, so I better get myself in shape for those chasing session soon. Sigh, she is growing up too fast!

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