Thursday, April 9, 2015

Chinese New Year Day 3 & 4 (2015)

21 & 22 February 2015

 Last blog entry for Chinese New Year! This year, my usual secondary school classmates kept the tradition of visiting our form teacher and I brought Zoe along to meet him and his family. It was lovely and a little surreal that I was a 13 year old girl back then when I first met my form teacher, and here fast forward 14 years later he is meeting my kid. We also had an impromptu lunch with our neighbors and then ended day 3 with a dinner with Zoe's godparents and his family. They have been such fantastic godparents to Zoe, and we are so blessed by their love for us.

Day 4, we spent our morning in church and then a lunch and a trip to Singapore Flyer with Jiahao's long time buddy and family. They just returned from the states after almost 2 years and it was a good time catching up and also letting our kids who are 6 months apart meet each other. It was our first time to the Flyer, I wasn't particularly very impressed but glad we managed to ride on it at least once. We then zoomed off to another of our friend's place where we all squeezed into a bedroom with 3 kids and a puppy. Honestly, though it was a short visit, I had a lot of fun watching three of them take photos, ransacked our bags and having a biscuit party. And last but not least, we then zoomed off again and ended the 4 days festive holidays by hosting our families at our place for a steamboat dinner. Needless to say, it was a good time watching 4 grandparents doting on their only grandchild, thankful that both our families get along!

And, that's it, done with the Chinese New Year entries! YAY!


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