Saturday, April 4, 2015

Chinese New Year Day 1 (2015)

19 February 2015

My Chinese New Year posts are wayyyyy overdue. I am really tempted to not blog about it but for memory sake I better do! And especially when this is the first Chinese New Year for Zoe! This whole festive season became a very different affair for us with Zoe's existence. We no longer can go for our midnight movies (Jack Neo or Stephen Chow) and have to try to get home latest by 1030pm so that Zoe gets her sleep. She missed all her naps in the day time and was placed in unfamiliar environment, hence it was really a very different 4 days for her. But nevertheless, I enjoyed it very much to be able to spend so much time with the people I love! I will try to squeeze the remaining CNY entries into one or max two entries and finish this up soon!

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