Sunday, March 1, 2015

Valentine's Day 2015

From what I observed on Valentine's Day, there will be couples who celebrate it and couples who don't. For us, we are one of those couple that actually do celebrate it. Though some may find it unnecessary since we are married, our rationale is that we think that it is a good opportunity other than birthdays and wedding anniversaries to appreciate and make each other feel extra loved! I mean,we don't spend a bomb to have fine dining or buy expensive gifts for one another, but we just try to do something special and sweet for each other like writing heartfelt cards, cooking together (which we did last year here), or just spend some quality time like having a picnic, or doing something we like together.

This year, was the first time that we find it a little challenging celebrating Valentine's Day because of Zoe. We don't have big plans for this year but just wanted some time off for a date night. On the eve of Valentine's day, my MIL kindly helped to babysit Zoe for a few hours while we rented a car and zoomed off to a rather out of the way place for dim sum. We ate in peace, have quality conversations, and then crossed the road holding hands to do some shopping at Mustafa. We then ended the night taking away our favorite Rochor bean curd that we used to often patronized during dating days. Though it was just like a 3-4 hours time off, it was perfect for us considering that date nights don't come often anymore... so in simple words any date night is like a V day to us now, hahaha.

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