Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Chinese New Year (Eve) 2015

18 February 2015

A little backdated in my Chinese New Year posts. I really love Chinese New Year very very very much and I have probably said this a hundred times to my husband. He is rather puzzled at why I love this festive season that much as we are always out early in the morning rushing from place to place, giving out red packets, cleaning up the house to welcome our family and friends, and not forgetting often dead exhausted by the end of the day. But... I just love it! Its probably the only time of the year where we soak in the warmth and reunion of our dear ones for at least 3 days straight!

This year I started Chinese new year reunion with my colleagues from my workplace, it was good fun and catching up as we used to work in the same department but have now moved on in the company. I was also exceptionally happy to see my ex-manager who has returned from her year of leave of absence, we miss her so much!

Reunion dinner at my in-laws was different this year with our little babe. I was so busy feeding her that I only managed to start eating when everyone was half way done. But then again, I think this was always the case for every other meal? hahaha. And as usual, my MIL whipped out such world class steamboat dinner that night with good broth and ingredients that was plenty to go around. In fact, we had so much leftovers that we had them for bee hoon soup the next day!

And like every other year, we traveled back to my parents' place after dinner to spend some time with them. My parents love her little red dress as they hardly see her dressed in bright colors (opps). I will post the subsequent CNY entries soon, the next one is already sitting in my draft, so check back again! Xx

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