Wednesday, March 11, 2015

11 Months Old

2 March 2015

My little pie turns 11 months old last week and my husband and I were a little shock that we are just a month short to her 1st birthday! Like what?! Speaking of birthday, I am all a little stressed up about her 1st birthday party because I am attempting to bake her birthday cake! This baking of birthday cake thing is more than just a gift for my babe, but really a secret wish that I had when I was growing up. Hmmm yes, I am that sort of girl that grows up hoping to whip out dishes at home for the family and bake birthday cakes for my kids' party. I think this has a lot to do with me growing up in a family where I see my dad does all of that, probably not the birthday cake part but he is really domesticated and all my siblings unknowingly just sort of grew up wanting to be like him. And as I type this, my 3rd attempt is in the oven now, so here's fingers crossed that it will turn out okay.

Some achievements of Zoe this month - Cutting 6 teeth at one go (ahhhhh!), taken 3 steps on her own (that's crazy!), but mostly still crawling and walking around having support. To add on to her list of words that she understands, she is now able to understand quite a number of instructions bilingually (we make it a point to teach her words in Chinese too) like lying down on the bed, combing her hair, touching her ears and her teeth, and she would also point to herself when we ask her "where is Zoe?". Besides recognizing who is who in the family, she also started recognizing and hugging her soft toys - Elly, Polar Bear, Lion, Puppy, Blue Bear, Bear Bear.... and the list goes on. I am not a fan of soft toys, so I have no idea how this soft toy invasion has happened at home. And I have told myself strictly NO MORE SOFT TOYS FOR ZOE!

Personality wise, she is still as sweet if not sweeter. I love it when my husband brings her over to our room every morning and she would then crawl over to me and kiss me on the cheek to wake me up. Melts my heart every single time she does that. We are also thankful that she is always calm and on the not so active side as this makes dining out a plus because she can sit on the baby chair without fussing and wanting to be carried. But of course there are times she has her meltdowns and tantrums like every other kid, and thankfully they aren't too serious and difficult to manage, phew!

So.... the cake just came out and it looks okay, I am going to start on the frosting now, wish me luck!

Update: We just cut the cake to eat and... it was pretty decent but not good enough to serve at a party. Looks like we'll be ordering a birthday cake after all :(

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