Monday, February 2, 2015

Fisher-Price - Play Tips Part I

Sorry for the long hiatus from Fisher-Price Play IQ updates! Finally had some time to go back to watching and reading up on baby development and you will find what I am currently watching on this entry!

In my previous two entries on the 3 pillars of a child's development, I explained about Kids' Play IQ and how it effectively can help in our child's development! So in this 2 part series, I will be sharing videos and information on how to play with your child to reach that effectiveness!

At first, when I came across the topic on "Play Tips", the first thought that came to my mind was "how hard can playing with your child be that you need some tips?" Well, truth is there is a difference between buying a toy for my kid to play versus playing the toy with my kid. And honestly speaking, before I became a parent, I find it really hard to play with kids that I meet... I have no idea how to interact with them at their level and would prefer to just sit at a corner and watch them play their toys.

In this diagram above, Fisher-Price categorizes 8 different stages of our kid 0-24 months that we can play with our kids! I am looking at 10-12 months category and am very glad that I have some directions to help me in playing with her to develop her to her fullest potential. Definitely going to start helping Zoe learn how to build and balance with some blocks tomorrow!

Below are also 3 short videos (each lasting only 1-2mins), that you may find useful to find out more on the importance of choosing the right toys at the right developmental stages, dealing with tantrums and getting involved with your child's physical play.

Stay tuned for Play Tips - Part 2 where I will be sharing more Play Tips that will help you to develop your child physically, cognitively and social & emotionally!

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