Monday, February 16, 2015

Day 305 - Zoe's First Swim

"Mom, I am ready for my swim!"

"You mean this turtle is coming with me? Yippee!"

"Wow, this is how a swimming pool looks like..."

"Can I just sit here?"

"The pool looks rather deep..."

"Oh I am going in with a float!"

"Check out my round face!"

"Hmmm this is really making my face uncomfortable"

"This is more like it, without the float!"

"More photos please..."

"I love swimming!"

1 February 2015

We finally brought Zoe for her first swim and it was so much fun! it was also logistically crazy because we packed like 3 bags of her stuff - float, clothes, swim pants, towel, shampoo, poolzies, swim suit, toys, snacks etc etc! Though only the husband and Zoe went into the pool, I was also exhausted just by accompanying them, snapping photos, taking videos, bathing her after her swim, feeding her... They only spent 15 minutes in the pool but Zoe was so drained from all the kicking and splashing that she was stoning on her high chair during dinner.

As you can see from the photos above, we tried using the neck float for her but she didn't like it and kept trying to yank it off. Any mummies out there has any recommendation of floats for babies just slightly below 1yo?

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