Wednesday, February 4, 2015

10 Months Old

2 February 2015

10 Months Old - Double digit! Well, there are 5 photos of Zoe posing with the milestone card, because I just couldn't decide which to post. hahaha.

This month, Zoe has started to understand more words and instructions. Besides having mastered lifting up of hands and clapping of hands 2 months back, she can now wave hello and goodbye, points us to the fan when we asked her where is it, recognizes and points to us where are "daddy, mummy, both grandparents, my sister, sister-in-law, and my brothers". She also learned how to share her snacks and feeds us happily, gives us things that she is holding on, kisses us when we ask her to, put her hands together to pray when we say "Thank You Jesus" and stands very steadily on her own.

But besides all these milestones, there was also one particular week where she gave me a huge headache with her porridge strike. She would not open her mouth when she sees me scooping porridge from her bowl but would only take cereal, biscuits and fruits happily. I think I probably lost weight that week because I was so worried and couldn't sleep well. I basically goggled every day on what can be done to get her to eat her meals again.

Well, I tried almost everything I can, I changed her porridge recipe, changed the texture of her porridge, try to not feed her milk when its too close to lunch/dinner time, change the utensils that she was using, sang a dozen times of her fav song while feeding her etc... Nothing much works till a week later she suddenly decided that she wants her porridge again. Phew... Well, I guess it's just a picky phase.

I will be sharing in my next entry on how I cook Zoe's porridge. Hope it helps any first time mums out there who like me was a little clueless on how to start Zoe with real food besides puree vegetables or fruits.


  1. All so adorable, I wouldn't be able to choose one to post too! haha

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  2. hahaha thank you! And it took me 58 shots to get 5 shots! :P