Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hello 2015

1 January 2015

Hello 2015! Blogging this on the 8th day of the year, hope I am not too late to say Happy New Year! We took these photos on the 1st day of January with Zoe and I in our twinning tops from Hello Apparel! My husband is kind of left out on this, opps. I told him I will get another one of these tops for him soon! To be honest, I am actually not the kind of person who loves to wearing matching outfits and I would (and still will) cringe when Jiahao and I wear the same top color coincidentally. So I am surprised that all these changed when Zoe came along and I have find it rather cute to be twinning with her (only with her!). hahaha.

Its already the 2nd week of Jan and I have not got down to writing down my resolutions or goals. Been quite swarmed with work, a crawling 9 month old baby and at the same time staying up in the night to catch up on my outstanding blog entries (any mummy bloggers out there that can identify with this?). Though I have not really looked at what I want to achieve this year, I have already sort of planned in my head what are some events that will be keeping me busy in 2015. Hope to get down this weekend on writing these plans and resolutions out, and hopefully.... I will get to share them on this blog after I clear out those outstanding posts!

1 more day to the weekend, xx

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