Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Heguru Education - Developing the Right Brain

About 2 months back,  we were invited by Heguru Education Center's principal to have Zoe attend their Heguru lessons at their center. I know, it sounds really crazy to have babies started on lessons when they are just under a year old, and I know I do sound like a "kiasu" parent. But I am a total convert after just 5 lessons!

Prior to this invitation, my husband had already heard of this teaching a couple of weeks back and was raving to me about it then. Despite wanting to let Zoe enjoy her childhood and keep those pressure of studying away as long as I can, I was rather interested to find out more and to see if this early childhood education is really beneficial and crucial at her current age or is it unnecessary at this point of time.

What is Heguru Education?

Heguru Education basically targets at training our right brain and these training methods are supported by more than 30 years of extensive scientific research and practicum. The center offer lessons for two groups - Infant and Toddler Course (6 months to 4 yo), and Preschool Course (5-6yo). The classes are grouped according to their age.

We all know that the left and right brain function differently and in this course of teachings, they focus on developing the right brain exponentially. Left being the "reasoning" brain, and the right being "visualization" brain. As you see from the diagram above, our right brain has the potential to process large amount of data at high speed and it also has great memory retention ability.

So Heguru education focuses on strengthening these functions related to the right brain
  • Photographic Memory
  • Concept Comprehension
  • Mental Concentration
  • Rhythm Processing
  • Spatial Recognition
  • Visual Imagination

When I first watched this video, I was like "Wow is this for real?" The Hado Wave Reading is so impressive! Just by flipping through the book at high speed, the kids knew what was the content of the book! If I had such skills, I could have finished all my book reviews in school in a few minutes! This skill is all about photographic memory which is using their right brain to capture the images of the page and hence piecing all these images together to know the content of the book.

Do I have to start now?
That is a million dollar question for me and I believe so for most parents. As a parent we all have this hidden inner pressure or secret wish for our kids do better and have it easy when they start their formal school education, and does all of these really lies in starting our kids young in such early childhood education? I mean Zoe is barely 1 year old, she can't even understand what's "yes" or "no", more so what is 3 X 6 and where is Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park (I know some of you don't know where is that, neither do I before these lessons!) so is it really necessary to start her so soon on this program and not wait till she can understand more of what's going on yet?

When I attended the parents information session, I found out that the golden period for early childhood education is in the 0-3 years old period. On the left diagram, you can see that the red line graph shows a decline in the right brain development when our kids hit 6 years old, whereas the left brain works the opposite. So after reading up that children's brain do develop rapidly especially in this 0-3 years old window, we decided to enroll Zoe in these classes and expose her to the vast knowledge from the lessons. (And hopefully she possess the Hado Wave Reading skills in years to come! hahaha)

"At their tender ages, we do not expect students to memorize and understand all the concepts we teach. Rather, our goal is to provide as much knowledge to them as possible." - Heguru Education

I will be sharing how effective these lessons are for Zoe in a couple of weeks' time, so stay tuned!

For more information click here to visit Heguru Education Website!

Disclaimer: We are sponsored by Heguru Education Center for Zoe's lessons and receive no other monetary compensation. All opinions are 100% mine.

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