Saturday, January 17, 2015

Day 284 - My 27 Years Old Toys

4 January 2015

Two weekends ago, I had a really pleasant surprise when we were at my parents' place for lunch. Seeing how bored Zoe was at their place, my mum started digging out some really old toys that my siblings and I used to play. I have 4 siblings - youngest being 19 and me the eldest at 27. So these toys in the photos above were all kept after my youngest brother stopped playing them which was probably when he was hmm 7? 19 - 7 = 12... So these toys in the box are 27 years old and spent 12 years in the box before they saw daylight that day! O.M.G.O.S.H?!

When i first saw my mum took these toys out, I was in shock and instead of being all emotional and sentimental (which I usually am), the first few words that came out of my mouth was "Mummy, can you please use the wet wipes to disinfect the toys before you let Zoe touch them." Hahahaha. After all the wiping, I sat there looking at my dad playing with Zoe, with the toys he bought 27 years ago for me. Unbelievable.. Unbelievably Sweet.

I think that moment must have been really special for my parents as well.. And needless to say, these toys never went back to the same storage box again, they were there in the living room when we went back last week and my dad and Zoe sat there the whole time playing with these toys happily even though the red crocodile was limping and no longer can move on its own.

And after that weekend, I understood why prior to this I have also found myself keeping Zoe's first dress and first shoes for my future grand kids. I am not a hoarder... its just in the genes :)

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