Saturday, January 10, 2015

9 Months Old

2nd January 2015

Having a 9 months old baby in the house would mean having toys scattered across the living room, a crawling baby who wants to drag my handbag or plastic bags that's left on the floor, and also a baby who is a lot more fun to play with. We are seeing more of Zoe's personality recently and its so fun to observe her! We noticed that she is not a risk-taker, because when we introduce her to a new toy, she would stare at it (even if its moving around the house), and not touch it or go near it until about 3 days later. When she practices how to stand without support, which by the way she has been practicing really hard at it, we can tell that she is very careful and doesn't practice when she is on the floor but only in her cot or on our bed, how smart. She can now stand on her own on soft surface for about 8 seconds? And when it comes to people she hasn't met before, she stares at them and observes them and listen to their conversations, she is just one really careful baby. Oh but when it comes to other babies or kids, she is a different person, she excitedly reaches out to them, touches them and wants to engage them.

I can't thank God enough for her everyday, she brings tremendous joy to us and I wish she doesn't grow up so fast! 

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