Saturday, January 3, 2015

2014 - We Give Thanks!

1. I started 2014 by entering into my third trimester of my pregnancy. I am extremely thankful for a smooth pregnancy with no complications or even severe morning sickness. With the exception of backaches and crazy pelvic pain towards the last month of my pregnancy, I honestly think that it was rather enjoyable - watching the baby grow inside me, feeling her kicks and punches, and knowing that she is formed with my own flesh and blood.

2. After 2.5 years of waiting, we shifted into our new home in January! Seeing our home slowly filling up with our furniture that we painstakingly sourced and finally having my own kitchen is just pure happiness for me. We are also so thankful that God provided for us when we were renovating our house, we were initially worried about the finances but the blessings kept on coming in! Extremely thankful we finally have a place we can build our family:)

3. In April, our baby girl Zoe Anne was born. This is by far the biggest thing that has happened to us. Being parents for the first time, I think my biggest take away will be to know how much God loves me and how matchless His love is. Its amazing how one tiny little baby can teach me so much about love and life. I am so thankful for a smooth and 98% painless delivery (all thanks to epidural), and that Zoe was born healthy with no complications. This journey has been one crazy ride for us, but yet like what every parent would say, our kids are worth it and we will gladly do everything all over again.

4. I don't have an appropriate picture to thank God for this but about 10 days after Zoe's arrival, I had postpartum hemorrhage. It was my first time being taken to the hospital via an ambulance and undergoing a surgery. This is definitely one of the highlights of 2014, and I am so thankful that God protected me and there wasn't any complications that arose from this. You can read my experience here!

5. This year, I am also extremely thankful that there were many opportunities for this blog to collaborate with brands like Fisher-Price, Nestle and Poolzies! Besides enjoying the perks of receiving free products, I also really enjoyed reviewing them and taking photos of Zoe with them. I hope 2015, we will get more opportunities to bring this blog further in terms of parenting information and giveaways! Speaking of giveaway, we have a huge Fisher-Price giveaway in the next month or so, so make sure you participate because its really fantastic!

6. Jiahao and I also celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary. I don't know how would I ever live without this man here because he keeps my life so intact that it will most likely fall apart if he isn't around. Living together in our own house this year has showed me another side of him. He is the one that keeps our house all tidy and neat, the one that buys all the groceries, compares the prices of our shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, detergent, toilet roll, cooking oil etc etc. Honestly, I don't even know what brand of detergent we are using! He is also the one that has the nesting instinct before Zoe arrives, the one that gets every single thing that Zoe needs,the one that buys the diaper cream, diapers, wet wipes, sterilizer, brushes for washing the bottles, carrier, stroller, diaper bag etc etc and every single thing that she needs. So tell me.... how do I survive without this man here!

7. This year, Jiahao and I also traveled to Bangkok for a short getaway. Its a common place for many people but we haven't been to Bangkok for 6 years! We really enjoyed ourselves with the shopping, eating and chilling out. Though this is the only place we traveled to this year due to parenting commitments, it was good enough for us! Looking forward to a family trip in 2015! (Read more about our Bangkok holiday here)

8. In 2014, we also celebrated our first Christmas at our home with Zoe! The feeling of shopping for our tree, choosing the decorations and putting everything together makes Christmas so special! Every night, i sit on the sofa watching the Christmas lights flicker away to the carols playing at our home, and all these make my heart so full and thankful. It has been an extra meaningful Christmas and the best Christmas for me! Read more about it here.

9. This year, I also experience the sweetness of many friendships. Sorry if I can't post everyone's faces up because it will be massive! But you know who you are! Jiahao and I are so thankful for friends who remain connected with us despite our parenting duties. Thank you for being so flexible when we had to make changes to our plans at the last minute, and not staying mad at us when we had to call off or postponed our appointment with you. Thank you also for loving Zoe, its so precious to us to have friends who not just want to hang out with us but also with our daughter too. Though most of the time, you have to talk to only one of us cause either one of us will be fussing over Zoe or carrying her outside the restaurant or cafe to make her take her nap. Your love, understanding and support has make us very blessed!

10. And I also have to give thanks to my wonderful family and in-laws. Everyone got promoted in their ranks - grandparents, aunties, uncles... And the love they have for Zoe is so overwhelming! Zoe gets all the attention, hugs and kisses at every family gathering and I am sure she's going to be spoilt by them! I am also exceptionally grateful for my in-laws for their tremendous support whenever we needed help. Especially when I went back to work, they helped me transited easier and better. My FIL would fetch Zoe every morning before he goes to work and my MIL would care for Zoe and love her enough for me to completely trust her. I am so thankful that my in-laws gave me the space to make parenting decisions and supported my breastfeeding journey. They didn't impose their views on us but would gently advise us on the side and helped us along the way. That is so so so valuable and something I very much appreciate and never want to take for granted.

So... thank You Jesus, for making everything possible for us; for your blessings, your presence, your peace and your providence. We are so thankful for You!

And thank you my dear readers for reading my blog! Especially when I wasn't very consistent in the first half of the year! I always find blogging an enjoyable pastime and I look forward to sharing more about my life in 2015! Wishing everyone a Happy New Year and may God grant you the desires of your heart this year!

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