Thursday, December 11, 2014

Zoe's Baby Dedication

"Zoe Anne, we dedicate you to the Lord!"

Having grow up in church since when I was 15, I have seen countless baby dedications in this decade or so. Hence it felt really surreal that I got to go up the stage a month ago to dedicate my own baby. I was looking forward to it so much and having that "someone-please-slap-me" moment on stage.

When I was on the way to church that morning, I was reminded of the story of Hannah in the bible. Hannah's story has always been a story that speaks to my heart no matter how many times I read it. I always feel very touched by how she prayed and longed for a child for so many years but yet honored God with the vow that she made when she dedicated her son Samuel to God. I read this story both before I became a mother, and after I became a mother, and at both times I felt the Lord speak so differently to my heart.. And even till today, my heart is always stirred when I read this passage.  To me, she is an incredible woman of God that inspires me. So that morning, I prayed to God that as I dedicate Zoe to Him, she will grow up to be like Hannah, fervent in her prayers, never losing hope in God and at the same time one who fears and honor God.

At the same time prior to the dedication, I also thought about how blessed it is that Zoe will be growing up in the teachings of the Lord in this church that both Jiahao and I grow up in. She will attend children church and get to learn about Godly values and mix with other kids who love the Lord. And, just the thought of all these makes me so glad in my heart :)

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