Sunday, December 7, 2014

Shopping at Agape Babies

Recently, I was introduced to Agape Babies, an impressive online shop that carries 100 brands and 4000 over products. (Omgosh? 4000???) Its basically like a one stop baby online store that you can find anything that you need - organic baby food, diaper care, skincare, carriers, books, nursery, toys, products for mums,  and many many more! And thats not even all, they have also in the recent year partnered with The Sunshine Kids, which sells kids apparels, shoes, accessories and all these shopping can be done in just one checkout! How convenient is that!

Just check out the brands they carry!

I was asked to pick some items from their store, and I had such a hard time doing that! Not because I couldn't find the things I need, but there were just too many to choose from! I ended up spending 30 minutes on the website shortlisting the items and finally came down to these two!

As Zoe just started out on eating her solids 2 months back, I have been always on a lookout for new food to make for her because it has always been pumpkin, sweet potato and carrot puree. I was so bored of it honestly, even though I wasn't the one eating it. So this book "Mummy, Its Yummy" definitely caught my attention as it has a collection of  30 over recipes for babies aged 4-12 months! It was also featured on the Sunday Times and was reviewed by The Asian Parent which you can click here to read it. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! In fact, when the mail arrived that day, my husband got very excited as well and started trying out the recipe immediately!

They have many creative recipes like the one I shared above "Chicken and Vegetable Risotto" and others like "Baby Shepherd's Pie" and "Cod Fish Meal". Furthermore they have also split the recipes according to the different months of the babies and there's even a main course and dessert section per category! Thumbs up for desserts that babies can enjoy! Can't wait to try out all the recipes!

Letterhand - My First Phonics Flashcards
The other item that I got from Agape Babies is the Letterman My First Phonics Flashcards. I have read and heard quite a bit about flashcards and what they can do, and at the same time have been wanting to expose Zoe to some alphabets. So this pack of flashcards were perfect for me as I can show her the alphabets, or just lay it out like the above picture for her to pick them up and practice her pincer skills. These flashcards also came in handy because Zoe just started out on her Heguru classes and they are big on flashcards. I will be blogging more on what's Heguru classes in the upcoming entries, so stay tuned!

If you are a first time customer at Agape Babies, you can enjoy a $10 off on your first purchase by signing up for their newsletter and account here. Plus... for all my readers you get an additional 5% off if you code the following discount code!

Discount Code: Jaymeshing
Validity Period: 7 Dec 2014 -4 Jan 2015

Happy Shopping!

Disclaimer: I was gifted shopping credits from Agape Babies to purchase the above products. Other than that I received no monetary compensation. All opinions in this entry are 100% mine.


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