Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Its Christmas day and my husband woke me up at 750am. Not because Zoe was awake and needed her milk, but because he wanted to wish me Merry Christmas and have me open my present from him (I know, he is super enthu). I rolled in bed, refusing to wake up because its not everyday Zoe sleeps past 8am!!! I feel so conflicted whether to feel excited to make 214891 guesses on what is the present, or to feel so "arg" that he can do this later. But thinking back, I am thankful we had that 40 minutes of alone time before we get busy on this Christmas Day, which by the way is our 7th year of dating anniversary! Yeah we still count these anniversaries :)

This week besides staying up till 330am for two nights rushing out handmade cards and wrapping gifts, its also all about having different home parties and meeting up with our dear friends. We had so many pizzas the past 3 days that I am going to stay away from them for the next 2 months. But besides the food, these get togethers are filled with laughter, catching up, watching our kids play with one another, and of course exchanging of gifts!

Tonight, we are also having a party at home with my in-laws and some of our close friends. Its Zoe's first Christmas with us and my heart is filled with so much emotions - excitement, happiness, contentment, surrealism and many more! My husband has been preparing for this party for 2 months! He is going to be cooking up a storm tonight and he's has been testing out his menu on me to tweak it better with each try. The preparation also started 3 days ago with many grocery shopping, marinating the ribs, the chicken, the beef and taking out all our glassware to label which food to be plated on which plate. I will be back to blog about this!

So, Merry Christmas everyone. May you experience the true Christmas joy with your family!

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