Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fisher-Price - Cognitive and Social & Emotional Development

Back with more Fisher-Price Play IQ updates! Previously I shared about the three pillars of a child's development and the physical development of a child that we can help to develop by encouraging play-based learning. So today, lets find out more about the remaining 2 developments.


Cognitive skills - following directions, imagination, abstract thinking, numeracy, literacy and writing are all important skills that us parents can help our kid to develop, and child-initiated play is the key to effectively doing that. One way of child-initiated play is to give our kids opportunities to discover "cause and effect". How cool is that. as this means when we introduce to our child toys with buttons that make a sound or light up when they press it, they are actually developing these skills!


I personally think social & emotional development is extremely important for a child, and us finding ways to develop them for our child is so crucial as this is something that is hard to be taught or graded in school. And from this video I have learned that we can actually start that development right from our child's birth! Besides ensuring that they get sufficient sleep both in the night and during the day time, we can also ensure that they grow up in an environment where they feel loved and protected. And by doing that, we are setting the foundation of building their social & emotional skills.

I will be sharing about "Play Tips" in my next couple of entries. If you are a parent and you will like to find out how to effectively play with your child to develop these skills that I have shared, do watch this space!

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