Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Homecooked Feast 2014

25th December 2014

I am drooling as I post these photos of our Christmas party last week. This year's Christmas has been extra special and meaningful to us because it's the first time we are celebrating it at our new home and also Zoe's first Christmas with us! We held a small party at our place for my in-laws and invited a couple of close friends. Like what I mentioned in my previous post, my husband had been tweaking recipes and preparing for his major cookout for the past 2 months!

A few days prior to the actual day, he did multiple trips to the supermarket for the groceries, marinating the meat and cleaning the kitchenware for the presentation. And on that day, he started cooking since 1pm while I was tasked to look after Zoe the entire day. I wasn't "allowed" to eat lunch as well because he didn't want me to be too full for dinner. So I was in the room for the whole afternoon with Zoe - rolled on the bed, napped, laughed, played, breastfed her... it was the perfect Christmas afternoon just doing all of that with her. And at 5pm, I went out of the room, saw the dining table and my jaw dropped... 13 dishes all homecooked by the husband. And all so prettily plated!

The food was so delicious! My SIL also made canapes, while our friends Daniel and Sihui brought their extremely yummy home cooked baked potatoes. Everything was just so good! We also had the lychee martini log cake from Pine Garden, which is our family's all time favorite. We were all so so so full from the dinner, and had to keep the leftovers for lunch the next day. (but not that I am complaining)

Gift exchange was also fun this year because Zoe has got crazily lots of gifts that we get to help to open up for. In fact, 90% of the presents under the tree belongs to her. Though she has no idea what's the gift exchange about, as she just wants to eat her presents, we are so thankful for all the love and generosity! So it has been a really wonderful Christmas this year for us, in fact one of the best that I had. Though its been 4 days since Christmas, I am still basking in this festive mood and hoping that the energy and happy spirits will stay for long.  Hope you guys had a good Christmas!

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