Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Candlelight 2014

My favorite church service of the entire year has got to be the candlelight service! Its usually held on the weekend before our Christmas services and its the most anticipated one for many of us! Its my 6th or 7th year experiencing it, but I never get bored of standing there holding my candle and hearing the choir sing "O Holy Night". The atmosphere makes you stand in awe of God's holiness and you will feel like making a "wish" while you hold the candle, like as if it's your birthday hahaha. And of course, everyone takes out their camera and gets snapping away, we often or rather I often find the photo taking time too short! And then we have to wait one more year for it to happen again.

This year is also Zoe's first time joining us for candlelight service, and it felt so surreal! We had the privilege of going up the stage with 10 other mothers and their babies to help with pastor's sermon illustration. And this whole experience and the sermon touched my heart deeply. Often, we never thought of how Mary felt as a mother when Jesus was born, raised and seeing Him go to the cross, and so when I myself am a mother now listening to this sermon, my heart exploded with thanksgiving to God for sending Jesus into this world. Reading John 3:16 is never the same again, I am so awed by how much God loves me and the rest of humanity. So, this year I celebrate Christmas not so much about the parties, gifts, decorating the tree and carols, but I genuinely feel a lot more about the true reason of Christmas - which is to celebrate the birth of Christ :)

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