Wednesday, December 3, 2014

8 Months Old

My babe turns 8 months old today. The first 2 weeks of the past month had been exhausting for us because of her separation anxiety in the night. We were surviving on 4 hours of broken sleep each night and I honestly could not see the light at the end of the tunnel. I prayed, and prayed and prayed fervently and desperately each night, but I would be woken up 3 times a night to a baby that wants to laugh and play the entire night. It was not fun at all. I honestly was getting a little blue from it.

Then we have the part where we had to introduce her to the real food aka porridge. It was extremely stressful because she rejected it and would not sit still in the high chair for me to feed her. She would only take her puree or cereal excitedly and refuses to open her mouth for the porridge. I would always end up in frustration trying to get that spoon of porridge into her mouth. I googled a lot, and asked around my mummy friends and finally got it right at the 7th or 8th try when she finished half a bowl easily. And this success also led to Zoe sleeping through the night since then.... It was regular consistent 9pm to 7am sleep every single night, HALLELUJAH!!!!

I am praying this stays like that, because I can't deal with another 4 hours broken sleep now as my work has started to get busier due to year end closing, and I am also trying to figure out how to swim on my own in this sea of work as my boss is going to be on leave for 3 weeks. Trying not to let this kill the festive mood this December, but I can't wait for January already.

Be back soon, x!


  1. She is really cute though! Hang in there!

  2. Mind sharing with me tips on feeding your baby? Mine is eating very little.

    1. Hi Eggie, how old is your baby now? I try to feed her about 2 hours after her milk so that she is not too full for her solids. Is your baby rejecting the food or just seem to be not very interested after a few mouths? For Zoe, as she was taking cereal and puree really well, so i suspected it was the switch in texture that resulted in her rejecting porridge. I experimented the texture and also different taste of the porridge and found out that the smell of pork in the porridge was too strong for her. It was a trial and error to finally get the right taste for her to take it. Right now I am cook the porridge with ikan bilis, chopped spinach, pumpkin and fish. Hope this helps! :)