Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Zoe's First A&E Scare

Last Friday night, Zoe gave us a bad scare when we found her in a pool of vomit at 11pm.

As it was Friday, my husband and I decided to watch a movie in the living room and we were just settling down on the sofa when we heard Zoe started fussing in her room. This was pretty usual because she would wake up a couple of times before midnight as she hasn't gone into deep sleep and would need us to go in to pat her or carry her for awhile more. But that night as I went in and wanted to pick her up, I smelt her porridge that she had eaten for dinner and somehow in the dark room I saw the sheets stained with vomit and Zoe's face was also all wet! I let out a shout for help and hurried to switch on the lights.

The vomit was pretty massive. Her white PJs, soft toys, pillows, blanket, bedsheets were all drenched if not stained with her vomit. Surprisingly Zoe did not cry and thought it was pretty fun as we were all in her room at 11pm having some sort of a party, just that it was a puke party.

I stripped her off from her smelly PJs and gave her a quick bath while my domestic helper and my husband hurried to change her sheets. And after we dressed her up, and was deciding if we should feed her with milk or water, she puked again. And to our horror for the next 50 minutes, she puked for another 7 more times!

We called the nearest 24hours clinic to asked if the doctor was around and that we needed medical help, but after hearing Zoe's condition, they directed us to the hospital instead. Off we went, we packed a mountain of stuff in the diaper bag which was already bursting. I mean I had to pack like additional 3 sets of her clothes, wet handkerchiefs and many plastic bags in this case. We hopped off to Mount Alvernia and while we were in the cab, Zoe fell asleep and did not vomit any further. So, when we reached the hospital, we decided to just wait outside the A&E for 15 minutes to see if she would vomit again, if not we will make our way home.

As we walked around outside, Zoe was awake and seemed to be just fine. We then decided that we should feed her to see if she could keep the milk in. So there I was seated at the taxi stand nursing in public past midnight. And after 15 minutes, Zoe puked everything out immediately.

We cleaned up and went to register her at A&E.

Thankfully the queue wasn't long and we saw the doctor in 10 minutes. The whole assessment took place pretty quick too, the doctor said she might be having gastric flu and would give her a "bullet" to be inserted from her buttock. We would then need to wait for 30 minutes and then feed her again to see if she is okay.

To cut the long story short, she was okay even after we fed her and we left for home at 230am totally wiped out. And ever since then, I am so thankful that she did not vomit anymrore. I was dead tired that I can sleep on the hospital floor, so I cannot imagine if she wakes up in the middle of the night to vomit every other hour.

One thing that I am also extremely thankful for is that throughout this whole ordeal, Zoe did not even cry once or fuss a single bit. She was so well behaved even during the vomiting frenzy and the whole time when we were in the hospital. She quietly just put her head on our shoulders and behaved like an absolute angel. It made me want to hug her even tighter and proud of her that she is so strong even when she is so tiny.

Parenting is definitely not for the faint-heated. Through this I learned that a sick baby is seriously one of the worst nightmare of a parent, and I would gladly go through 10 growth spurts than to go through another hospital visit like that. To all parents out there, I salute the strength of your heart and physical capacity!

Ending with a photo of Zoe the next day all recovered and looking like she had some sort of a 10 hours sleep when she only had 6!

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