Monday, November 17, 2014

Rainbow x 2

If you have followed me on Instagram, you will know that last week I had a rather wow moment with the rainbows that displayed beautifully over the skies of Singapore. I was working from home yesterday and it was pouring like crazy outside in the late afternoon. My whole house was so dark and my kitchen was almost flooded by the rainwater that was splashing in.

Then at close to 7pm, I was sitting on my sofa taking in the silence of the house (before Jiahao fetched Zoe back from my in-laws house), and at the corner of my eye I saw this really beautiful golden light hitting on the white walls of the opposite blocks of flat. I thought to myself "wow how gorgeous is this light! The sunset must be beautiful today!". So I walked to the balcony to take a closer look, and lo and behold I looked up and saw two rainbows staring right at me. My jaw dropped. Not exaggerating, but it was the most beautiful rainbow I ever seen. It was so close to my eyes and all 7 colors were extremely clear that I could hardly believe it. And of course, what came next was to rush back into the house to take my phone and get busy snapping away.

And slowly after a good 10mins, the rainbows started to fade away as the sun set.And I thought okay, the end of my rainbow encounter.

So when I re accounted my rainbow story to Jiahao, the first question he asked me was "So did God promise you anything?". Wow. I honestly was a little taken aback because I did not even thought of the God factor in my rainbow frenzy evening? I mean usually I would but somehow I just did not and probably because I was too busy testing out my new iPhone 6 camera and sending the pretty pictures over to almost everyone I know.

So I felt a little bad afterwards like hello? no rhema or at least a logos?

Then late in the night while I was checking my Facebook, I came across the picture above that one of my neighbor posted in our estate's Facebook group. AND THEN... the rhema came. (hahahaha)

I was suddenly reminded by the Holy Spirit that this afternoon I just pledged for my church's building fund because last weekend I was so held up at the nursery with Zoe that I didn't get the chance to drop my pledge card into the offering bucket. And just before I pledged, i was sharing with Jiahao how nervous I felt because this is really a huge step of faith and a sacrifice.

And so when I saw this picture, it struck me that God was trying to tell me that His faithfulness is over my household literally (because that block under the rainbow is my where I live). And not just one rainbow, but two! And one of it was a huge full rainbow! I felt so touched in my heart and excited at what He has in store for me during this season as we arise and build God's house. What an amazing God :')

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