Monday, November 10, 2014

Fisher-Price - What is Play IQ?

Before I became a mum, or was even married, Fisher-Price is always one of the brands that I would go to if I needed to get a toy. I have gotten many kids products from Fisher-Price for occasions like baby showers, kids birthday parties and not forgetting Christmas. Hence, when I was appointed to be Fisher-Price Play IQ Mum/ Ambassador recently, I was obviously thrilled!

What is Play IQ?
When I first heard about this term, I was pretty curious and surprised as I did not know that you can measure IQ for play or needed a specific IQ for play. Often, we would just grab any toy we think would be suitable for the kid, and let them play with it. But Fisher-Price now provide this platform that allows you to measure your Kids Play IQ to better select a toy that not only suit your kid's age and ability but to further help your kids develop in these 3 areas - Physical, Cognitive, Social and Emotional.

 As research shows, play is the most effective method for children to develop their brain in meaningful ways that will lay the foundation for learning as they grow. And I think it is brilliant that we can now carefully select the toy that helps our children in this area! No more selecting toy that is solely base on the attractiveness or fun level that it has, but we can take into consideration at how this toy we select would help our kids grow in their development.

How do I measure my kids' Play IQ?
It is really simple! Just click on this link and it will bring you to Fisher-Price Play IQ Tool. I took the little quiz and with just two questions - Zoe's age and selecting the distinctive milestones she has achieved currently, I get to know what is her Play IQ

And after getting to know Zoe's play IQ, which she is a "Small World Explorer", the site then recommends me the toys that are now suitable for her, and would aid her in her development. And as a first time mum, I think this really helps me tremendously because I have zero idea what toy to engage Zoe in and would often just give her a teether or many teethers to let her play with! hahaha.

I really encourage parents to try this out, and to take advantage of knowing our kids' Play IQ to maximize what we can do to help our kids achieve the expected milestones and to also at the same time keep track at where they are at. What a brilliant discovery to let our kids play and develop at the same time!

I will be sharing more of what I have learned about Play IQ in the upcoming entries and also educational play videos from Carrie E. Lupolis. Carrie is a child development consultant who has more than 16 years of international experience as a special education teacher, school administrator and executive director and is also the spokesperson for Mattel Fisher-Price.

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