Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fisher-Price - Three Pillars of Child Development/ Physical Development

Following up on my previous post about Fisher-Price concept of Play IQ which you can read it here, I am going to share more about how enhancing our children's Play IQ can help benefit the three pillars of a child development that they need to be successful from school age and beyond.

The three pillars of a child development are - Physical, Cognitive, and Social & Emotional. And I will be touching all these three pillars individually, but first lets find out more about how Play IQ can help in these areas from the video below!

Basically from what Carrie mentioned in the video, our kids' brains from 0-5 years old develop differently when they are 6yo and beyond; which is the age they go to school. So from 0-5 years old, it is all not about enrolling them to school earlier that would help them with their development or give them a good head start, but challenging ourselves to think differently on how our kids really learn during that first 5 years and tapping on that to help them develop optimally.

Fisher-Price play-based child initiative learning actually taps on that and help children learn from all that playing. Isn't that wonderful? That our kids actually have fun with their toys and learn at the same time? I will probably not look at toys the same ever again!

One of the 3 pillars of developments is physical. As a parent, physical milestones are the first that we observed from our little ones. I remembered celebrating Zoe's milestones of flipping over, sitting up, crawling and recently standing on her own. And we will be watching out for the next big one which is walking! In the next video, Carrie talks about the physical development that our child goes through and how we as parents can help them to achieve these important milestones.

I hope you guys took some time to watch the videos (each video takes less than 5 minutes!), as I personally think that they are very helpful as a parent. So far, I have learned quite a lot by understanding how babies develop differently in the earlier stages and how we can help them by allowing them to play with toys that suits them. To me, its no more throwing another "I think this can keep her entertained for 10 min" toys, but really understanding that the toys we select for play actually helps them in their development.

I will be back with another entry on the next two pillars - Cognitive and Social & Emotional developments! And how toys can actually help them develop in these two areas! Stay tuned to find out more!

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