Monday, November 17, 2014

Day 223 - Look Mum! I can Stand!

11 November 2014
This baby's many days and nights of hard work has finally paid off when she stood up on her own in the cot! We have been helping her to practice for quite sometime and we know she tries really hard. So now each time she stands up, she has this big grin and smirk on her face to tell us she is so proud of her achievement. And we are proud of her too! I will often find her standing there, looking at the door and waiting for me to walk in, which is so adorable and heart melting :)

I can't imagine the day she starts walking, I think I might shed a tear or two though. How time flies, and she might not need me to carry her anymore when she starts to run around. Cherishing everyday with this baby :)

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