Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Day 214 - Hey Daddy

Zoe has been rather talkative the past month and it was quite a delight to have her chattering away when I talk to her. Its as if we are having a girly talk with lots of giggling, eye contact and big smiles that make my heart so full each time.

And then last week, I started noticing that in some of her desperate cries to get out of the cot, the high chair or her refusal to let us dry her hair, she would go... "ahhhh ahhhhh daddyyyyyy, ahhhhhhhhh dadddyyyyyy". And my first reaction? "What? Not Mummy?!?!?"

So since its not "mummy", I brushed it off as a coincidence.. I mean come on, mummy definitely spent more time with her - changing her diapers, feeding her, rocking her to sleep, carrying her, playing with her, bathing her etc etc etc.... But this "daddy" word has been happening kind of too many times that I have to can't help but to confirm that her first word is indeed "daddy".

But well, that's also a good thing because now every time when she cries, I would point to the husband and tell him "your daughter is calling you". Muhahaha, and then I disappear to the kitchen to get myself a drink.

So, just how clear is her pronunciation on "daddy"? My SIL and MIL managed to get her to say it to the camera when she was trying to get out of the high chair. Watch to find out! And in any case even if her first word is "milk", or "poo", I am extremely proud of her milestone!

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