Friday, November 14, 2014

Bangkok 2014 - Day 3

19/2 Ekkamai 12, Sukhumvit 63 Road

Till today, I still think of the Banana Almond Smoothie. Ahhh

Signature Grilled Croissant with Tomato Sauce that was extremely delicious!!!

Siam Square Soi 13

A plate of mango goodness!
Mango ice-cream, mango fruit, mango pudding and sticky rice!

Day 3 was rather short as our flight back to Singapore was in the evening. I was so glad that we managed to check out One Ounce for Onion in this trip because it was so so good! The nearest BTS station is Ekkamai, and you can actually walk from there. But we took the cab there as we were really pressed for time. However, we were a little lost after we alighted as its hidden in the landed estate and rather hard to find, so I suggest you check out the map that their FB page provides.

I love how rustic the whole place is with wooden tables, brick walls and dried flowers all around. The indoor seating is rather limited with just sofa seating for three and another table and chair by the window. Please do order their signature grilled croissant with tomato sauce and banana almond smoothie! They were so good that I might revisit this place if I get the chance to go back to BKK. And if you are a coffee person, they serve Brave Roaster which I heard its a decently good cup too.

Mango Tango was also delicious! It wasn't part of our itinerary but thankfully we sort of stumbled into this place. If you like mango, this is the place to go! They serve mango sticky rice with a whole lot of other mango goodness! Another must-eat if I would to return to BKK!

Definitely a very enjoyable trip, and I am glad that Jiahao and I made the decision to take a break just by ourselves to recharge and spend some time together. We do miss Zoe a lot during the trip, but we are thankful that we had constant updates from my MIL (like 10 over photos and 2 videos a day, hahaha), and also got to face time her in the morning before we leave the hotel. Thankful for the love and support from my in-laws, they are God sent! Hope you had an enjoyable time reading my BKK posts, I'm definitely not going to wait for another 6 years to go back there again!

Happy weekend!

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