Friday, November 7, 2014

Bangkok 2014 - Day 2

On Lok Yun
72 Charoen Krung Road, Phranakorn
(Near Chinatown)

If you are there, I recommend the french toast and the white fluffy bread cubes dipped in kaya!

Ban Khun Mae 458/6-9 Siam Square Soi 8, Rama 1 Road
Patumwan District, Bangkok 10330

Super delicious Pandan Chicken! The meat was so well-flavored!

Even though we were on a holiday, I still had to set my alarm clock the night before and wake up at 6am to pump. >_< The whole pumping thing during this trip was quite a hassle but I was thankful that I managed to successfully transport all my breast milk back to Singapore safely. Anyway, my husband was really glad that I needed to wake up early because he is a morning person and usually it would be hard to get me out of bed for breakfast and he often had to eat on his own and wait till I finally decide to get the day started. Our hotel came with breakfast so we went down to have a quick bite and then traveled to another breakfast location for round 2. 

I have been seeing so much of Lok On Yun recently on the Instagram that I put it down on my itinerary as a "must go" place. We took the train down to Hua Lamphong and took a cab there. The driver was a little lost and we had to use the GPS to help him. The place was like walking into a 70s coffeeshop, no frills to the decoration and that was what makes it really charming. I love the french toast that was deep fried, causing the egg to be super crispy and the bread cubes that came with the kaya dip was so fluffy and soft! It was old school breakfast and watching people reading their newspaper with a cup of coffee and taking the morning slow and sweet.

 We then cab to Platinum Fashion Mall. Honestly speaking, I had no intention to shop in this trip and just wanted to visit some recommended eateries and cafes and chill my three days away there. But...... once I stepped into the mall, I got glued there for 5 whole hours. hahaha. So I skipped lunch and went on a major shopping spree. It was like I unleashed my shopping self that was perhaps severely deprived since the baby came along. And what did my husband do? He wasn't the shopping kind, and hence went for a massage and happily settled down at A&W for some root beer float and curly fries. By the 5th hour, he text me and asked if I needed more time... I was very tempted to say YES!! But my back was screaming "I AM GOING TO BREAK!", so the back won because it was really going to break as I was almost squatting outside of the shops.

Dinner was at Ban Khun Mae, which is walking distance from Siam BTS. It serves real authentic Thai cuisine and we only paid i think $20 sing for all that we ordered. Everything on the table that night was so good, but the Pandan Chicken was particularly outstanding. I will definitely head back to try the rest of the menu if I get the chance! And all this talking makes me crave for Thai food right now. Someone bring me back!

One last entry of BKK coming up soon!

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