Saturday, October 11, 2014

Travelling Without My Baby

Tomorrow, we will be going for a short holiday without this baby. We've been talking about going for a vacation for a few months as we weren't sure how are we going to travel with or without Zoe. Though the idea of a vacation sounded really good, I was also kind of tired at the thought of it. I know, it sounds really ironic. For a start, we couldn't really decide, actually more of I couldn't decide if I can leave Zoe behind for a few days. All the separation anxiety, not knowing if Zoe will be okay on the week that we are traveling, will there be any unforeseen circumstances like some bad diaper rash, a flu, fever, or just some really bad persistent fussiness, and the list goes on.

Anyhow, I decided we should go ahead without her. My husband had been telling me that the tickets are selling like hotcakes as it was on promotion and I don't know what came over me that night and I just sort of like "Okay lets book now". The arrangement for Zoe would be to leave her at my MIL place for 2 nights which my in-laws are really happy about it as they super love her. So about a month ago, Zoe started to sleep train at my MIL's place for once a week, as she's rather difficult in the night and exceptionally sticky to me during her bedtime. The first two times were bad, my husband had to stay over as well because Zoe would wail very badly and my MIL will be all panicky not knowing what to do with her. It wasn't easy for me alone at home as well, I remembered tearing when I went into Zoe's room and looked into the empty cot.

After a few times of trying, that left my MIL sleepless and tired, but not complaining at all, Zoe finally managed to sleep through on the last trial. Here's finger cross that she does that for the next two nights when we are miles away.

Our flight is tomorrow early morning, and I am not sure how am I going to kiss her goodbye and not bawl my eyes out because I have already teared when I kissed her good night just now. *CRIES* I hope I am not the only mother out there that has such separation anxiety.

But, on a positive side, I am looking forward to spend some alone time with my husband. As the saying goes, marriage is hard work and I think its even harder work when you start to have kids. So instead of pushing the stroller, I am going to hold my husband's hand throughout the trip (to make up for these 6 months), and have good quality conversations over many meals that doesn't require us to gobble at a crazy speed. 

Here's ending this entry with these pictures of Zoe :)

PS: I hope I don't back out at the airport tomorrow. (Hi dear, if you are reading this, I am just kidding)


  1. Aww.. hugs. I know how you feel. I left Lauren with the husband when she was 6 months old to go on a vacation with my sister. Everywhere I looked, I thought about her. Baby room, other babies, strollers… Get your MIL to send you photos of Zoe and update you on how she is doing. Lauren was doing so well those 4 days I was away, I'm a little 'upset' she didn't miss me all that much. We, mothers are hard to please.

    Enjoy your trip with your hubby!

    1. Ahh yes, all the strollers, and other babies really got me missing her! My MIL did send lots of photos and videos which helped a lot! Zoe did really well too, she was smiling in all the photos, plus my in laws brought her out everyday so it was like a holiday to her too... hahaha! Just so glad to be back! Thanks for your comment! <3

  2. Quite on the contrary, I was super happy when I got to go on a vacation with just the husband after giving birth to my first kid. So liberated and can sleep until I want to wake up, and not because I need to?! Haha. You'll do fine, and so will she. :)

    1. hahaha sad to say i still had to set the alarm clock at 6am every morning because I need to pump! But I am glad I didn't have to wake up in the middle of the night to attend to Zoe though!