Thursday, October 23, 2014


Promise this is the last birthday entry! When it comes to eating korean bbq, this is one group of friends whom we always look for! We had a 3-4 hours long korean bbq dinner followed by cakes at a nice looking but does not serve very delicious cakes' cafe at Ann Siang Hill. Birthdays has become a time where I give thanks to the people in my life, where every celebration this year I am reminded that I am loved and remembered. Turning 26 this year has somehow felt very different from how I feel every year, and I am thankful that my biggest takeaway this year is not really so much of the gifts but the time and effort people make to drop a text, or having a meal to spend time with me. I guess, after being a mother, I have slowly inch from a words of affirmation person to a quality time person. Probably because being a mother has somehow cut down a lot of my time that I get to spend with people and hence when people squeeze my "very limited" schedule into their time, I feel strangely very loved. Well, time is gold and I am glad I had a golden birthday this year :)

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