Thursday, October 16, 2014

Day 197 - Crawling

We are back from the short trip! Both my husband and I agreed that this is the first time we felt so good coming home from a holiday. We are back to reality but we are so glad our reality has Zoe in it. We were home past midnight and I had to resist not to wake her up to plant a thousand kisses on her face! She also crossed a significant milestone - crawling, while we were away. I was actually upset when I saw the video of her crawling, but my husband put me back in perspective - to celebrate her success and not be so "lame" to be upset that I wasn't there to witness it firsthand. (He didnt say I was lame, I just thought I was acting like one being all sad about it).

I have a few backdated entries to post and then I will get down to sharing about the trip!

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