Saturday, October 11, 2014

Day 186 - First Haircut

5 Oct 2014
Zoe's hair had been getting a little out of place and our parents have been telling us repeatedly to trim her hair. I personally think she looks okay and really cute with all that hair standing, plus its so fluffy like a giant soft toy. So last Sunday, Jiahao decided that we should just trim it a little on our own to make it look neater and also to appease our parents. So, Zoe sat on my lap in the toilet and quietly let Jiahao trim her hair and even posed for the camera, she also had no problem letting us cut her fringe with just occasional turning to see what's that snipping sound . I hope she stays this way, as I have heard of babies/toddlers screaming and crying whenever they have their hair cut. She looks a little different after the haircut, but still as adorable and her hair is still fluffy :)

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